WATCH: How To Use All-Purpose Cream

This creamy ingredient can be used in your favorite dishes!

All-purpose cream is the pantry staple of many kitchens. Learn to use this versatile ingredient when cooking or baking for your favorite creamy recipes. 

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1 To chill or not to chill.

This may be the biggest mistake many people make when in the kitchen. Read the recipe. You may find that while you may be ready to put the ingredients together, you may not have prepared your ingredients in advance well enough. That's because many desserts require the all-purpose cream to be chilled at least 4 hours or even overnight. 

Plan ahead to make sure your all-purpose cream is thoroughly chilled if the recipe needs it to be before making the recipe.

However, sometimes that's not necessary. At least, it doesn't need to be chilled just yet. Use it at room temperature when cooking or before chilling your desserts. It's easier to mix all-purpose cream with other ingredients when it's at room temperature.

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2 All-purpose cream can be a substitute for heavy cream.

It's the most asked question and the answer is yes. However, there are differences when you make this swap. While all-purpose will whip when chilled, the whipped cream you make will not be as light in texture as heavy or whipping cream. That's because it's been processed and has stabilizers in it. For most other recipes where it's used in cooking or in refrigerator cakes and ice cream, it's a great and easy-to-find substitute.   

3 Heat it up but don't boil.

As with most dairy products, you don't want to boil it. Cream is best when heated slowly so it won't separate or burn when boiled. Instead, heat it gently and let it simmer.

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4 You can use cream instead of evaporated milk.

Do you need milk or even evaporated milk but have run out? That's okay! Use all-purpose cream instead! You can make your dish extra creamy by using cream instead of milk. Use just enough to add creaminess and no one needs to know you didn't use milk. In fact, it may even be more flavorful in both taste and texture.  

5 You can make homemade sour cream with it.

It's not easy finding sour cream in the supermarket but in those instances when you need sour cream, you can make it. Add lemon or calamansi juice to all-purpose cream to use as a substitute for sour cream, especially in baking recipes.

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6 Use it as a garnish.

All-purpose doesn't have to be an ingredient in a recipe to be useful. You can use it to make other recipes better. Make creamy sauces and gravies to serve with pork chops or simply fried chicken. The trick is substituting a little of the stock or milk with cream so it can thicken as well as make it taste creamier. You can even swirl a teaspoon or two of it over bowls of soups for an instant and elegant finish. 

Use this technique for desserts, too! You can heat cream and melt chocolate, dark, milk, or white chocolate, and a little butter for a glossy finish. Use this melted and creamy mixture as the ganache to top a moist chocolate cake or dunk doughnuts into for a delicious glazed topping.    




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