These Simple Chopping Board Tricks Can Save Clean Up Time

Use these tips to keep your counter less messy.

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One of the most basic tools in a kitchen is the chopping board. Paired with a knife, this is the prepping workhorse that many of us don't give much thought to when using. 

One of the more common messes you can create when using a chopping board is when you're prepping juicy ingredients. This can be tomatoes, cucumbers, a watermelon, or even a medium-cooked steak that you're allowing to rest before slicing into serving pieces.

The next time you bring it out, make your job of cleaning up afterwards easier. Here are a few tips to learn so you can keep your workstation a lot less messy: 

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1 Take advantage of the juice groove. 

If you have ever wondered what that gouged-out canal that runs all around the edge of your chopping board is for, it's to control any errant juices from the food that you're preparing. This is usually the side that you use for cooked meats such as steaks, roasts, and other cooked meats so that the meat juices don't end up everywhere. Instead, it will usually collect in this juice groove (Yes! That's what's it's actually called) before it can run randomly off your chopping board. 

2 Use kitchen and paper towels effectively. 

Your chopping board juice groove is perfect for small amounts of liquid. When you are prepping a lot of juicy ingredients and this groove runs over, it will have no choice but to spill over. Here's where having a kitchen or paper towel comes in handy. You can use it three ways: 

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  1. 1 Place towels underneath the chopping board. 
  2. 2 Place a paper towel on the side of your chopping board. 
  3. 3 Have it nearby to mop up spills. 

You can also be traditional and just have a kitchen towel on the side that you can grab to control spills before it happens. However, you also try the two other tricks.

You can place paper or kitchen towel on the chopping board, not just under, to soak up chopped up liquid from chopped up food. This is perfect for chopping boards large enough to have some space on the side for setting those juicy pieces on this paper towel will help the juice grooves control the liquid flow on your board.  

You can also place a towel that's bigger than your chopping board towel under the chopping board to soak up the liquid that runs out of your juice groove and off the chopping board. This will also help keep your board from moving as you diligently on your ingredients. 



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