This Prep Tip Can Save You From Getting Sick

Avoid contacting any food-borne illnesses when you cook.

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The kitchen can be a dangerous place. You have razor-sharp knives, pointed utensils, and super hot pots and pans lying about. If you're not careful, the kitchen can be a place where you can get hurt.  

Luckily, you can be safe in the kitchen if you know to use the kitchen equipment. The bad side of this is that not everyone knows how to use these items as properly as they should. Many cooks still use dull knives, cook with nonstick-coated pans that have started peeling, don't use a trivet to spare their non-heat resistant tables from the intense heat of pots and pans, and don't use kitchen towels for more than drying their hands. (Kitchen towels can double as pot holders, too.) 

There's good news about all this. You don't need to be a good cook to know how to handle yourself in the kitchen and as long as you're careful, accidents in the kitchen can be minimized. 


However, there is a hazard that many people may place themselves in unknowingly and that's when they're using the chopping board

You may think it's because of the sharp knives that you usually use when you bring out the chopping board but it's more basic than that. 

You should have one chopping board for cutting up produce and another for meats.
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You may be guilty of this but do you pay attention to when you chop your vegetables and meat? If not, you should. What you should be doing is chopping up your vegetables first before you chop up your meat. 

Why? The simple reason is that while vegetables may be cooked, it's not as well cooked as meat would be. That means you may be killing off the bacteria that the meat might have when it's been transferred to the vegetables you chopped afterward. 

You may be wondering why this matters. This may not matter if you use more than one chopping board. It matters when many kitchens usually only use one chipping board. In fact, many home cooks don't have more than one chopping board in their kitchens, and here is where the danger lies. 

So if your kitchen only has one chopping board, take the time to pay attention to how you prep your food ingredients. You may just prevent yourself from getting sick. 



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