These Are The Most Refreshing Iced Teas You'll Want To Sip At The Beach

These refreshing iced teas are going to be your next favorite drinks to cool you off this summer.

Iced tea may not sound as exciting. After all, it's a popular drink of choice when ordering a meal from fast food joints and restaurants. But there is more to iced tea than what we are used to every day. 

Iced tea can definitely be made better. For one, there's no need to use any powdered drink mix. The best iced teas are made freshly brewed from real tea leaves. It only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to brew tea bags. Then another minute or two to flavor it just the way you want - honey, citrus juices, or sugar. That's around 5 minutes of your life devoted to making the best tasting, the most flavorful iced tea drink you've ever had.  

We promise you this: there is more than one way to make iced tea, and we have the delicious recipes to prove it. 

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1 Basic Black Iced Tea Recipe 

You can't beat basic recipes and in this case, you need to know how to make the best iced tea first before you can get creative with your drinks. Master this, and any iced tea drink will be easy.  

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Feb 23, 2012

Summer just got cooler with this freshly brewed iced tea recipe.
Photo by Zoe del Rosario
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2 Summer Iced Tea Recipe 

We love the flavor of lemons and calamansi in our iced tea! Can you just feel each sip from these glasses of freshly brewed iced tea cooling you off? We can.   

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3 Peach Iced Tea Recipe

There are other fruits than citrus that can make an iced tea delicious. In this case, peaches - we used canned peaches! - to make a delicious and sweet syrup to flavor our iced tea. Make the syrup and store so you can always have something sweet to flavor your favorite iced tea beverage. 


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4 Lemon-Ginger Iced Green Tea with Lemongrass Recipe 

While lemons are common in iced tea drinks, you can do more than just that one addition to your favorite icy drink. Here, we used a little ginger and some lemongrass to make a simple lemon green iced tea into a powerfully flavorful and refreshing drink to sip by the poolside.  


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5 Fruity Iced Green Tea Recipe  

If you love fruits, then this fruit-infused green tea recipe with a little fizz added to it should be a delight to your taste buds. 

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6 Banaba-Lemongrass Iced Tea Recipe 

While this isn't your typical iced tea recipe, this tea is brewed from banaba leaves, an herbal remedy used in medicinal folklore to cure ailments. We can't vouch for its healing abilities but we can about how refreshing a batch of its tea, infused with some lemongrass, can be in the heat of the summer. 

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For more delicious drinks, here are more recipes we think you should give a try: 


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