5 Ways You Can Use Your Immersion Blender at Home

This handy kitchen tool is versatile and easy to use.

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A handheld immersion blender is often an overlooked tool in the average home cook's kitchen-put it next to your powerful blender and your handy food processor, it's easy to breeze by it without giving it a double take.


However, the immersion blender is more versatile and useful than you think! Not only can it make both prep and clean-up a breeze (seriously-no clean-up makes it a blue ribbon tool already!), it is also cheap and low maintenance.


Here are five smart ways you can use you immersion blender in the kitchen-you'll see that its versatility cuts across both sweet and savory dishes, too.



1 Soups


An immersion blender works like magic when it comes to pureeing soups. You won't even have to transfer anything from your pot! Plus, you can rule out all those scary stories on regular blenders breaking from attempts to puree hot soup.



2 Sauces and Salad Dressings



Create smooth and silky sauces with a few blitzes using your immersion blender-it is friendly for chunky pasta sauces and light salad dressings that need to be blended.


3 Whipped Cream


While the immersion blender's small blades may miss a few spots of heavy whipping cream, it is undoubtedly a great tool for whipping stable cream that lasts long.



4 Eggs


When it comes to fluffy scrambled eggs, beating those eggs together vigorously is key! Egg whites can be a little tricky when beating with a fork, so sling out your immersion blender to blend the whites with the yolks seamlessly.

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5 Smoothies


This is tool definitely has enough power to break down large chunks of fruit and ice. All you have to do is throw everything into a large glass or jar and blend away!




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