These 5 Ingredients Will Cut Down Your Grocery Expenses

Going grocery shopping on a budget? Keep this in mind!

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Is cutting down on food expenses part of your new year resolutions? Be a smart shopper by making use of these ingredients that can dramatically cut down expenses. From meat substitutes to better vegetable choices, these will not only guarantee savings for your groceries but might also, in the long run, mean a healthier lifestyle, too: 

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1 Tofu


You always need protein on your grocery list: it makes any meal feel heavy and filling. Protein can also get very expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Here is where tofu comes in and cuts meal prices dramatically. Choosing to make half your dishes meat-free will guarantee a much lower grocery bill.

Meat's price range can fluctuate to as little as P121/kg, but note that tofu starts at P79.5/kg or lower if you're buying at the wet market.

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2 Oatmeal


Paired up with milk and fruits, oatmeal can be quite delicious! The best part: an 800g pack of instant oatmeal can serve 10 bowls for P11.55 each! That's quite a steal.

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See Also

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3 Frozen Veggies

Frozen vegetables can be just as delicious as fresh ones! Going for the freezers might just be the answer to affordable but still tasty food choices. Plus, there are more choices now than just frozen carrots, peas, and corn! Add more varieties of frozen vegetables to your recipes for additional bulk, or toss it up with simple fried rice as desired. 


Frozen mixed veggies go as low as P54.50/500g.

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4 Hearty Vegetables

Cutting down on grocery expenses is not always about finding the cheaper product. What it's really about is about being smart with your purchases. Extra, unwanted, and unexpected expenses can come from fresh produce becoming spoilt before you can use it in your recipes. Choose potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and other hardier vegetables instead of fresh, easily spoiled produce so these root crops can last longer when stored. 

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5 Canned Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes go for around P40/500g but you get a lot of unripe ones which you need to let ripen before using, or worse, get seemingly perfect ripe ones and discover it's spoilt! Cutting off and discarding overripe parts can really put a dent into how much tomatoes you actually get. Harvested, cooked and canned at its ripest, canned tomatoes give you the best quality tomatoes without the risk of having it spoil before use. Plus, these come already crushed, chopped, or diced for less prep for you.


Canned tomatoes start at P45/400g.

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Ready for these easy, quick changes that make a big difference? Be sure to take note of them for your next grocery run!


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