Know The Differences Between Ice Cream, Sherbets, and Sorbets

Fact: The Pinoy sorbetes is a sherbet, not a sorbet.


It's summer! And in the heat, you know that anything frozen will be a welcome relief. But if you're looking at all the different icy desserts, you need to know the difference among the varieties to know what you're eating and why it's different from each other. Here's all you need to know about ice cream, sherbets, and sorbets:


1 Sorbets are finer in texture than granitas.

Sorbets (pronounced sor bayz) and granitas are basically ice, but the biggest difference between the two is the size of the ice granules. Granitas aren't churned so it lacks the smooth consistency that sorbets have. Instead, granitas are made by scraping the formed ice at regular intervals to produce large ice crystals. Sorbets are much finer in texture (think snow, shaved ice, and the finely-crushed ice used in halo halo).


2 Sherbets and sorbets traditionally are made from fruits.

Sherbets and sorbets are both fruit juices mixed with sugar (or a sweetener) and churned until icy. The difference is that sorbets contain no eggs or any other dairy product.




3 Sherbet is lighter in texture and flavor than ice cream.

Sherbet is creamy but typically uses milk instead of cream for its base. Hence, it's lighter in texture and flavor than ice cream which uses cream (hence ice "cream"). This is why the Pinoy sorbetes, which uses (traditionally carabao) milk is a sherbet, not a sorbet.



4 Ice cream is basically a frozen custard.

Ice cream is traditionally made with a custard base: egg yolks, cream, and sugar. This is cooked until thickened and then cooled before being churned into the ice cream we all know and love.

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