These Are The Kitchen Items That You Need To Clean Right Now

Everything you touch right now needs to be cleaned properly.

Everyone has become more conscious of their surroundings and their general cleanliness. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has gripped the country and the world in a state of paranoia. Everyone is trying to stay safe as much as possible. 

Staying home is one of the preventive measures implemented to stop the spread of the disease but it doesn’t limit everyone from leaving their homes to gather more food and supplies as time goes on. If you can’t avoid going out to buy food and other supplies, there are other guidelines you should follow that many supermarkets that are still open are implementing. 

However, while everyone is sanitizing and washing their hands, putting on face masks, and even washing their fresh produce and the packaging of their supermarket purchases, there are some items in the kitchen you may neglect or even forget to clean.  

Did you know that you’re supposed to be cleaning your kitchen at least every other day? In fact, are you even using the right products to sanitize your kitchen? Read the labels your cleaning products, and check that these are used to either sanitize or disinfect since this will determine how long it will take to kill germs and “clean” the surface. 

Before you start, remember these cleaning tips: 

  • • Wear rubber gloves if desired. 
  • • Rotate the cloth you’re using so each surface is wiped with the “clean” side and wash the cloth regularly or use wipes, multiple ones, if necessary. 
  • • Wash your hands thoroughly afterward. 

Now that you’re ready, make a list, grab a bucket with your cleaning aids, and see if you’ve ticked off your list these kitchen items which many forget to clean on a regular basis

Don’t forget to clean this!
Photo by joffi from Pixabay

1 Kitchen Light Switch 

This might be the most neglected in the kitchen. Everyone touches these as soon as they enter and then again when they exit the kitchen. However, since you can’t wash these, the best way to clean these electronic switches is with a disinfecting wipe or cotton and alcohol. You might need to use multiple ones but wipe it down clean until no visible dirt remains on your wipe and let it dry. That should do the trick.  

You also need to wash this after every use.
Photo by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

2 Can Opener 

Do you wash your can opener after every use? It’s great if you do because not everyone does, and it’s one of those kitchen tools that people do forget does need cleaning. You’ll need to use a brush to get into those crevices. 


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In fact, don’t just clean the can opener. The can opener needs to be cleaned as well as the can you are going to open, too. Why? Two reasons:

  • 1. Any food residue left behind by the can you previously opened might still be on the blade and this can contaminate the can you’re opening now. 
  • 2. The top of the can that you will be opening may be contaminated with more than just dust as it sat on supermarket shelves and opening the can without cleaning off this dust will contaminate it as soon as the can opener’s blade punctures the can.
Photo by Toto Labrador

3 Refrigerator Door Handle and Other Handles   

These parts of your kitchen appliances may be the grimiest of all the items you forget to clean! The refrigerator door, especially its handle, is probably the most commonly used appliance in your kitchen. You’ll need to clean not just the handle itself but the entire length of that side of the door. 


How about the coffee pot handle, the microwave oven door handle, and even the stove knobs? All these need to be cleaned, too.      

You’ll need lots of these to clean up.
Photo by annca from Pixabay

4 Kitchen Towels

Whether these are kitchen towels or dish towels, we sometimes forget that just like our bath towels, these too need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Toss these in with the wash every time you’re running low on the stack. Better yet, add a few tablespoons of a bleach sanitizer to the wash to kill bacteria, so that you’re always wiping your hands on and your dishes with something clean.  

Photo by Your Best Digs from 

5 Kitchen Trash Can 

It may still look clean since you usually use a bag but these cans need to be sanitized as well as disinfected even if it doesn’t show any signs of being dirty. You’ll want to not only rinse, wash, and dry these cans, but you’ll also want to spray it with a disinfectant as soon as it’s dry, too. 

If you’re determined to keep your kitchen as clean and sanitized as possible, soap and water are one of your best cleaning aids against even the coronavirus as well as bleach. However, it’s noted that while vinegar and baking soda are fantastic natural cleaning aids, it cannot combat viruses.   

These cleaning tips are not just practical but smart especially during times when people are paranoid about getting sick. Be meticulous when you clean and you’ll find that you can rest easier, knowing that you cleaned and sanitized your kitchen area good enough to eat in. 


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