Know When to Use Glass or Metal Bakeware in Baking

When it comes to using a pan for roasting or baking in a hot oven, choose wisely.

When it comes to using a pan for roasting or baking in a hot oven, choose wisely. Glass bakeware and metal bakeware produce very different results in baking different kinds of food, and we have scientific facts to back this up! Let us explain:


Glass is a poor conductor of heat. This means that it takes a long time to pick up heat and warm up. What is great about glass bakeware is that it stays warm long after it is taken out of the oven. If you plan to serve food from the oven straight to the kitchen table, then choose to use a glass bakeware.


Glass is ideal for casseroles, roast chicken, fruit crumbles, pies, and lasagna. Planning make-ahead meals? You may also opt to keep or store your finished dishes in glass or ceramic bakeware-these non-reactive surfaces will not change the flavor of your food. Here are a few recipes that you can bake in a glass pan: 




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Sep 12, 2014


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Metal pans, on the other hand, conduct heat very well. They can withstand higher temperatures than glass bakeware, which makes them ideal for roasting pork bellies that need a quick high temperature broil at the end to get that skin to crackle.


Use thin aluminum pans for cookies, cakes, tarts, and brownies for quick bakes, but without the risk of burning. Remember to avoid baking or storing acidic dishes (fruit crumbles or pies) in metal bakeware, because the pan will react to the acidity and will leave unwanted metallic flavors in your food. Use your metal bakeware for these recipes: 






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