This Is the Quick-Cooking Meat Cut You Should Try

It's the same meat cut you find at Korean barbecue buffets!

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When you're strapped for time, it's tempting to go for fastfood. A delicious (and easy!) solution: turn to quick-cooking ingredients that will not only satisfy your hunger but are also hearty enough to make you full. 

Korean barbecue buffets and restaurants have become increasingly popular and you can find more and more of its specialized ingredients at your local supermarkets. One of its quick-cooking ingredients is a cut you can find in these places: the thinly-sliced pork belly cuts or the samgyupsal.

Thinly-sliced meats cook faster.
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What's so great about this pork cut is that you don't need to go to a buffet to get it. You can request your local butcher to provide you with the cut or visit the frozen meat section and look for the samgyupsal and other Korean frozen meat selections. 

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It's also a great ingredient for making homemade bacon and can even be the less expensive substitute for recipes that call for thinly sliced beef, too. 

Curious how you can use this thinly sliced meat? Here are a few recipes you can try: 

Photo by Yummy Breakfast! Book (2013)

1 Classic Beef Tapa Recipe


It's a breakfast favorite, and you can make it even quicker to make and cook with thinly-sliced meat cuts. 

No breakfast spread is complete without the classic tapsilog.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

2 Yakinikudon Recipe 

Fast and easy, this is an upgrade from your usual tapa to a delicious restaurant-worthy Japanese beef bowl.  

You get protein, vegetables, and carbs all in one bowl!

This beef stir fry with ginger and sesame cooks fast!
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3 Sesame Ginger Beef Recipe 


Just like any stir fry, prepare all your ingredients so you can cook all the ingredients quickly in as little as a few minutes. Prep time may take longer than the cooking time!  

This fast and easy stir-fried beef recipe is packed with flavor!

Photo by Majoy Siason

4 Easy Beef with Broccoli Recipe 

Another thinly-sliced beef recipe that you can easily swap with thinly-sliced pork, this is another classic favorite that will have your friends and family will love.    


If you want an easy stir-fry recipe, try this classic beef dish with less ingredients.

Photo by Majoy Siason

5 Beef Basil Recipe

Beef and basil is delicious but who said that pork doesn't pair just as deliciously as beef will? In this recipe, the pork benefits from being thinly sliced so the sauce can easily be absorbed, creating something delicious with every bite.  

Tired of your usual beef stir-fry?

This pork cut might be one of the most popular meat cuts at a Korean barbecue buffet. Why not mimic them and always have these thinly-sliced pork belly slices on hand? This way, you can always have a fantastic meal with a pork cut that is not only fresh, it also cooks really quickly for a fast and easy meal you can put on the table in a jiffy. 



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