Don't Let Leftovers Take Over Your Refrigerator

Use these leftover and storage ideas to save you some fridge space!

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The struggle of keeping track of your leftovers and figuring out what to do with them is commonplace in many homes. We’ve pulled together a list of simple tricks to making the most of your leftovers and to keeping your refrigerator squeaky clean!


“We reuse the plastic containers from restaurant takeout and make them a part of our stacking system in the refrigerator. What’s on the bottom is the oldest, so it’s what we consume first.”

Chef Toogy Clavecilla, Comer y Comic



“I puree leftover vegetables and add them to onions, garlic, and tomatoes sautéed in olive oil. This makes nice vegetable soup. The soup can actually be thickened a bit to make a pasta sauce!”

Deeg Rodriguez, home cook


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Waste not! We have a few suggestions on how to use leftovers in the kitchen.



“Nothing should ever go to waste. Be creative. Last night’s roast turkey could be today’s yummy cheesy turkey quesadilla.”

Pastry chef Vincent Macasa, Felicia’s Bacolod



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Don't throw them away! Make the most out of these common kitchen leftovers.



“One night a week is designated as leftover night. We take out what’s been leftover from the week and each one gets to pick his favorite.”

Tanya Titong Medina, home cook


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You can make old rice fluffy again!



“Add a new ingredient to your leftovers. New vegetables make the dish fresh and add a nutrition boost. They can change the flavor profile of the dish so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating leftovers.”

Angela Ferro, home cook



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This household must-have can do more than just cook rice!


Tips originally published in the May 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. 

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