Here's Why You Should Add Bacon When Making Burger Patties

Bacon is delicious, and we think it can do wonders when you add it to a burger patty-and not just on top of it.

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We love bacon. It’s smoky, sweet, salty, crispy… it’s just delicious. But have you tried adding bacon to your burger mix? Just imagine a burger packed with loads of flavor. It’s probably the burger of a bacon lover’s and burger lover’s dream, all in one.


Adding bacon to burger patties however isn’t just about the flavor.


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Bacon is from the pork belly—it’s a glorious slab of meat, fat, meat, fat, and more of those same layers that make it crispy and flavorful bacon once cooked. And it’s because of layers that we say, add it to burger patties.


Why? All that fat is what will ensure that your burger remains juicy as well as flavorful as it cooks on the grill.


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There is no such thing as too much bacon.


Ground beef doesn’t always have enough fat in it to keep it moist as it cooks. To compensate, some add breadcrumbs to help soak up liquid ingredients that flavor the beef. Others add onions or another type of meat.



While you can do any of these, we say, bacon is the way to go. Just finely chop bacon and add to the burger mix. Easy. Not only will it give your burger an incredible flavor, most of that fat will drip off and leave you with the most tender, juicy burger you will even sink your teeth into.


Now isn’t that reason enough to give bacon a try the next time make burgers?



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