This Is The Kitchen Prepping Gadget You Need If You Hate Chopping Veggies

Let this handy gadget do all that chopping for you.

The most tedious of all tasks in the kitchen is the prep work. All the things you need to do before you start cooking sometimes requires more work than the actual cooking! This includes using the chopping board to peel, slice, chop, dice, mince, and finely chop ingredients.

For those handy with the kitchen knife, this can be an easy repetitive task. For those who dread this task, this is tiresome and tedious work that makes kitchen work a chore rather than a relaxing activity. With this handy small kitchen appliance, you can save time and effort of using a knife to do all that chopping. 

A basic mandoline like this OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline Slicer is available at Crate and Barrel.
Photo from Oxo Official Website

The basic mandoline is a fantastic kitchen gadget. This small kitchen appliance that doesn’t require to be plugged in to work is a precision cutter. You can evenly slice almost any vegetable, fruit, or even half-frozen meat cuts on this gadget! Many have the option to adjust how thick or how thin the slices can be and if you have one that can do that, you’ve upped the versatility of the gadget immensely. 


However, there is one that thing that the basic mandoline can’t do as well as this unique gadget called the Nicer Dicer can: it can chop a vegetable into small cubes in an instant. What makes this mandoline unique among the common mandoline gadgets on the market is its chopper and dicer insert. 

This is the chopper that easily slots into the mandoline.
Photo from Lazada

What’s unique about this is that you don’t slide your food onto the blade like you would a regular mandoline. Instead, much like a garlic press, you place your food on the upturned blades, positioned to create square shapes, and press the vegetable down onto the blades using the safety lid. The cubed pieces drop into the container below and you can continue to do that with every vegetable, fruit, or other soft food that you want to pass through its blades.  

It’s that easy and it’s that fast. You have to love gadgets that make your job easier and maybe a tad more fun, too. Plus, you won’t need to pick up a knife since this mandoline can do all the slicing for you, too.    


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You can find the Nicer Dicer mandoline with the dicer insert locally from Lazada and Shopee, starting from P210 and up.  



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