Real Moms and Their Meal Plans: Try This 7-Day Plan!

Two busy moms share their 7-day meal plan. You can do it, too!

Prepping and planning meals every day can get overwhelming. It's so easy to reach for the phone and call for food delivery!


We talked to two incredible moms from Mothers Who Brunch Sabrina Go and Michelle Ressa Aventajadoon how they keep their families well-fed with sinfully delicious but healthy food. The duo behind Mothers Who Brunch both maintain a blog and also hold events that bring moms together as they learn to cook and swap useful life-saving advice with each other. Michelle also heads Best Buddies Philippines, as the Country Directo, furthering inclusion for individuals of all abilities through fun and friendship.   


Just how do these two supermoms living incredibly busy lives still make it a priority to feed their families well thought out, delicious meals every day? Their secret?  Meal planning! Meal planning helps these two moms avoid food waste, stick to their budget, save time, plan out their grocery trips, and harvest smiles at the dining table.


Here's a simple meal plan that worked for them which you may adapt for your own meal plan, too: 






Sabrina: Fried egg, bacon, Rice

Michelle: Bagel, egg, and cheese sandwich

Sabrina: Spaghetti with meatballs
Michelle: Basic Malunggay Pesto Pasta for Meatless Mondays. 


What’s their number one tip when meal planning? Prepare a big batch of dinner to transform for packed lunch the next day. This means they only have to think of two meals each day! Plus, you won’t have to wake up extra early to cook and prep in the morning for packed lunches.


Instead of the usual frying, the meatballs are baked to golden perfection.

Aside from tinola, you can also use malunggay leaves for pesto too!






Sabrina: Ham sandwich

Michelle: Smoothie bowl with fresh fruit

Sabrina: Steamed fish in ginger-soy sauce and leeks. If she happens to be home during lunch time, she can easily reheat last night’s leftover from dinner.
Michelle: Meatball Parmigiana and mixed green salad.


Make Breezy Breakfasts! Don’t overcomplicate breakfast dishes and go with simple dishes.


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Some mornings can be rough but that doesn't mean you need to skip breakfast!

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No more stressful mornings when breakfast is already prepped and ready to cook.



Sabrina: Bottled Tuyo, garlic fried rice, and scrambled eggs

Michelle: Overnight Chia Oats with almonds, blueberries, and bananas


Sabrina: Adobo with garlic kangkong
Michelle: Chicken and Pork Adobo with sautéed vegetables.


Make your grocery trips efficient. For Michelle, making meal plans help them source out their ingredients efficiently. This means she only needs to go to warehouse shops once a month, supermarket groceries once a week, and only a little more often for the farmer’s market.


Spare ten minutes of your time tonight to make a fuss-free power breakfast for tomorrow!

This family favorite is easy to master!

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Make yourself a plate of perfectly creamy scrambled eggs every single time.






Sabrina: Adobo flakes, rice, fried eggs

Michelle: Homemade tapa and veggie omelet

Sabrina: Creamy beef and mushroom pasta
Michelle: Grilled Salmon, new potatoes, sautéed peppers and onions


How does meal planning save money? One, it helps you stick to your budget. You get to compute total expenses before you’re there in front of the cashier without a choice. You get to plan ahead about leftovers so this reduces food waste. It would make grocery shopping more efficient when you don’t have to keep coming back.


Make this creamy mushroom tortellini pasta from scratch!

Take grilled salmon to the next level with an exquisitely creamy pesto dressing.






Sabrina: Tuna stir-fry, scrambled eggs and rice

Michelle: Pepper and Eggs with Toast

Sabrina: Eat out with the family!
Michelle: Creamy garlic salmon pasta



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Pressed for time? We show you a quicker way to cook this breakfast favorite.







Sabrina: Skillet eggs in tomato-chorizo sauce with bread

Michelle: Quiche (using leftovers from the week)


Sabrina: Salmon with veggies
Michelle: Eat out with the family! Aside from bonding time, it gives her some time to rest.


Research is key! Even though Sabrina loves cooking, she’s realized that she can’t have all the time in the world to cook everything she wants. “The challenge lies in finding recipes that work for your lifestyle and still be able to nourish your family well.” 


To make a Pinoy-flavored quiche, replace the Italian sausage with your favorite local longganisa.

Looking for a stress-free main? This more than fits the bill!





Sabrina: Homemade pancakes with sausage

Michelle: Pancakes or Waffles with creamy cheesy corn egg and leftover sausage

Sabrina: They usually eat out with her in-laws.
Michelle: Italian Meatballs and Pasta


Get inspired by the farmer’s market! A good trick to get maximum nutritional benefits and to come up with new recipes is to go to the farmer’s market and go for the seasonal produce, according to Michelle.



Instead of the usual frying, the meatballs are baked to golden perfection.

Make mornings extra special with the fluffiest fruit-filled pancakes!


Inspired by these supermoms? Start your own meal plan today and make your life a little easier. Plus, your family will definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor! Here are other meal plans you can try out:


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Some dishes cost under P20 per serving!


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