These Are The Measuring Tools You Need For Cooking

You can recreate any recipe with these tools.

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There are many kinds of measuring tools for cooking that you need to recreate any recipe that you may encounter. Whether it's a recipe that is in metric or in imperial measurements, here are the measuring tools for cooking that you will likely use: 

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1 To measure small volumes: measuring spoons  

If there is one measuring tool that you will use frequently, it's these. It is used in both metric and imperial systems and should be consistent no matter what recipe you are trying to make.


Just remember to use this like you would when measuring out flour: scoop and scrape any excess off the top for accurate measurement of a dry ingredient. For liquid ingredients, be careful to fill it just enough that it doesn't spill over.

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2 To measure liquid ingredients: measuring jug 

When it comes to liquid measurements, the measuring jug is the right measuring tool for it, especially if you're measuring beyond tablespoons. The best kind of measuring jug is made of glass or any transparent material so that you can measure the liquid properly and more accurately. 

To measure liquid measurements properly, you need to be eye level with the jug measurement. Pour in the liquid and as soon as the flat part of the top of the liquid hits the mark, stop. (Remember that liquids have a curved top, so don't be fooled!)  

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3 To measure dry ingredients: measuring cups 

Did you know that among all the countries, the United States is the major exception when it comes to measuring units of volume in cups? That's why normally recipes from that country (and those influenced by it) will use cups and if the recipe you are using is in cups, you need to know how much is in one cup. 

It might get confusing but 1 cup of water weighs around 240 grams or contain 240 ml in volume in the United States. However, this differs from ingredient to ingredient, since water does not weigh the same as sugar or flour. 

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4 To measure weight: digital weighing scale

For recipes that use weight instead of the cup, you will need a weighing scale. The metric system uses units of weight based on the kilogram. It's the system that is officially used in most countries, the exception being the US. That's why many recipes use grams to measure ingredient amounts. 

Using weight instead of cups to measure food is also more accurate, and this is especially important to bakers and anyone who is translating a small serving size to a larger serving. 

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5 To measure heat: meat and oven thermometers 

Measuring ingredients isn't the only thing you need to measure in a kitchen! When cooking, you also need to measure the heat of the food as well as the heat of the oven that you're using. To do this, you need these thermometers: the meat thermometer and the oven thermometer. 

Measuring how hot meat or any food has gotten while cooking is the only accurate way of knowing if you have cooked your food to safe temperatures. You normally need to cook food beyond 60 degrees C or 140 degrees F to kill off bacteria, and you need to store food below 5 degrees C or 40 degrees F. There is a temperature range that is called the "Danger Zone" where bacteria are more likely to grow and multiply easier and faster. This is between 40 degrees F and 140 degrees F or 5 degrees C to 60 degrees C


Another reason to take the temperature of your food is when cooking meat. You should cook meat such as pork and beef until at least 145 degrees F or 63 degrees C, while poultry such as chicken should be cooked to at least 165 degrees F or 74 degrees C.    

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6 To measure time: timers  

There is one last thing that you are probably measuring in the kitchen: time. How long should you be simmering the beef or pork before it becomes tender? Use a timer! 

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