Onion Alternatives You Can Use Instead of Fresh Onions

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It used to not be a problem when it came to a recipe needing onions. Now that onions have become so expensive, some of us have turned to alternatives. (A next onion harvest to help stem the seemingly constant price increases are still a few weeks away.)

We must make do with what we can afford until prices become more practical and budget-friendly again. Meanwhile, when it comes to onions, you have a few options that you can find beyond fresh onions, and all of them are wonderfully dried. This means that it won't spoil any time soon. The worse thing that can happen is that the dried onion product absorbs moisture or you either run out of the spice before you know it. 


Here are the two different kinds of fresh onion alternatives you can find in markets: 

1 Minced Onion 

minced dried onion or onion flakes
This is known as minced dried onion or onion flakes.
Photo by Pixabay
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Onions are normally dried whole so that's why dried minced onions look like flakes, which "onions flakes" is another term for this type of dried onion. Just like other dried spice products, this onion alternative is a great option for those who want to have the onion flavor but want it in stronger doses. 


2 Onion Powder 

Also labeled as "powdered onion" or "ground onion", onion powder is the ground version of the dried onions. However, you should take a good look at the ingredient list of these onion powders and note what other ingredients are included in the bottle or container. Since ground spices like onion powder have a tendency to absorb moisture, which can make it spoil in storage, anti-caking ingredients are commonly added to the powder to prevent this. 

Just like powdered sugar actually contains cornstarch to prevent it from clumping, so might some onion powders. The general rule is this: the fewer ingredients in the ingredient list, the more "pure" the ingredient is that you're buying. 

3 Granulated Onion 

granulated onion or onion powder on a surface
This is dried onion. It's also known as granulated onion. When ground finer, it's known as onion powder.
Photo by Wikipedia Commons/John Phelan

Granulated onion is basically dried onion that has been finely chopped or ground up but not too fine that it's a powder. You still get the onion flavor as well but it has some texture compared to onion powder but not too much, unlike onion flakes. 

Are you interested in sourcing these onion alternatives? 

Here are some fresh onion alternative products that you find in supermarkets and where to find them: 

Landers and SM Bonus 

powdered onion spices in plastic bag or bottle
Photo by Landers, SM Markets

Badia Onion Powder, 269.3 grams, P249.95, Landers

SM Bonus Onion Powder, 50 grams, P19.50, SM Markets 

Healthy Option 

granulated onion onion flakes onion powder in bottles and containers
Photo by Healthy Options

Pereg Granulated Onion, 120 grams, P285, Healthy Options 

Simply Organic Minced Onion, 63 grams, P395, Healthy Options

Simply Organic Onion Powder, 85 grams, P425, Healthy Options


granulated onion onion flakes onion powder in bottles and containers
Photo by Lazada

McCormick Onion Powder, 30 grams, P97, GoCart 

If you find that you can't wait for stocks to replenish in stores, you can find McCormick Flagship Store on Lazada and can add your choice of dried onion to your Wishlist. This way, you will be alerted when it's available again and get it directly from the supplier. (Plus, it's priced cheaper.) The Lazada store not only has onion powder for P80 for 30 grams, but also a special onion powder for P392 for 500-gram canister and minced onion for P656 in a big 1-kg food service pack, too. 

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