Did You Know That Organic Chicken Has Less Fat?

There are advantages when you choose to go "organic".

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"With organic, free-range chicken, you will eat 100% chicken. No hormones, no antibiotics,
no chemicals," shared Tina Morados, general manager of Pamora Farms. Pamora Farms is based in Abra and raises free-range chicken and supplies organic chicken to several restaurants and hotels in Metro Manila such as Sagana Restaurant in BGC, The Peninsula Manila, and City of Dreams.


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If handled and cooked properly, chicken can be safe from food poisoning hazards.


"Organic" has been a buzzword for a few years now, with people becoming more mindful of their lifestyle choices. In a recent event to promote organic chicken, Pamora Farms' Tina Morados shared that there are advantages when choosing to go "organic", atleast when it comes to poultry:


1 Organic chicken is more firm and only has 8 to 10% fat content

Free-range chickens are left to roam in the open fields resulting to chicken meat that is
firm. "Real free-range chickens have only 8 to 10% fat content versus 19 to 29% in commercial chicken," said Morados.


2 It's free from chemicals.

The Philippine National Standards (PNS) for organic poultry requires a minimum of 70 days for the chickens to grow. Pamora Farms grows their chicken for a minimum of 81 sometimes up to 100 days. This means there is no need to inject hormones or chemicals to speed up the growth process and you get 100% chicken meat.


3 Organic poultry is more flavorful.

Free-range chickens are allowed to eat herbs and plants in the farm. This often results to flavorful meat because they eat herbs and grass during their growing stage. Says Morados, "You don't need to use artificial flavorings like chicken cubes when cooking."


While going all-organic with your meats and veggies may not always be the easiest (or the most cost-effective choice), it's good to know that you have options.


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Pamora Farms chicken is available at Santi's Delicatessen, Echostore branches, Real Food, Rustan's Supermarket, and Marketplace by Rustan's.

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