How To Tell If Your Avocado Has Gone Bad

Overripe avocados are best thrown out.

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Overripe fruits can be a positive thing. Overripe bananas are the best bananas to use for baking and overripe berries are softened enough to easily use for making jams or preserve or added as toppings for yogurt, cereal, or even your pancakes. Overripe mangoes are extremely fragrant and super sweet. 

But have you ever sliced open an avocado that you thought was ripe only to see it has actually become overripe and beginning to spoil?   

For avocados, you actually want to avoid an overripe avocado. Unless you will use it immediately upon arriving home, it's best to buy an avocado before it's ripe at the market and wait for it to ripen. This leads to an overly mushy sometimes unpleasant flavor that you just don't want to add to anything. The problem with avocados is that the only way to really tell that it's gone bad on the inside is to cut it open. 


How can you tell if your avocado has gone bad before you open it? 

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There are a few key indicators. Here's how to tell even before slicing it open andafter cutting it open that the avocado has gone bad:  

1 Check firmness. 

A ripe avocado will still be firm all over but will have a little give to the flesh. Any avocado that has soft spots that give too easily, that feel mushy, and that has already caved in is already overripe. These overripe areas you can cut off or scoop these spots off if desired if it's just a few spots. 


2 Check for mold.

Any sign of mold is bad. This means that the ripening process has ended and rotting has begun. Any fruit that has begun to mold should be tossed out. 

3 Do a sniff check. 

It's not always about looks. Does the avocado smell anything like an avocado: slightly sweet, earthy, and nutty aroma? If you detect any odor from your avocado that is sour or even rancid, discard that avocado.  

4 Check the browned spots. 

If you have cut open your avocado and notice browned spots, this is okay. This is probably the result of bruising and mishandling and should not be a cause for alarm. What you should be looking for is the overall color of the avocado when sliced open. If the overall avocado has turned brown or browning has already started and become mushy, it's become overripe and its best to use this for other uses outside the kitchen.   




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