All The Ingredients You Need For Pancit Malabon

It's not just the sauce that makes the pancit Malabon different!

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The pancit Malabon is a revered pancit dish in Metro Manila. A bilao of the noodles coated in an orange-colored sauce noodle dish is an appetizing mound of the sauce-coated noodles and an overload of toppings.

The generous toppings may be one of the best reasons to order this noodle dish from Malabon for a taste of the authentic recipe. If you can't get your hands on the stuff, you can always make it yourself. You just need the right ingredients so you know you're making a pancit Malabon and not a pancit palabok or even a pancit luglug. (It's easy to mix up these kinds of pancit recipes.) 

Here are all the ingredients you need to make a homemade pancit Malabon that's worthy of being ordered: 

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1 Thick rice noodles 

One of the main visual differences between the pancit palabok and the pancit Malabon has to be the noodles. The palabok and sometimes the luglug is usually made with thinner noodles, commonly the bihon, than those used in the Malabon-style of pancit. The thick rice noodles are similar to the noodles used for luglug

Photo by Patrick Martires
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2 Shrimps

The best way to make any pancit is to use fresh ingredients. In the case of the Malabon, you need to use freshly peeled shrimps for the toppings but do not worry if the expense is an issue. Nothing goes to waste! You'll use both the discarded shells and the shrimp heads to make the flavorful and homemade shrimp stock that makes the sauce so delectable.  

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3 Crab Fat or Aligue 

Unlike the pancit palabok which uses ground pork as part of the main ingredients in the sauce, the sauce for the pancit lugulg as well as the pancit Malabon is meatless. Both use a delicious shrimp broth as their base but the Malabon takes this meatless option to another level of delicious. 

If you wondered what makes the pancit Malabon so different from even the luglug, it's this: crab fat or aligue. This ingredient isn't just responsible for the orange hue of the sauce; it's also responsible for making the sauce irresistible. 

The Toppings 

The noodles, the shrimp, and the crab fat are mixed together into a delicious sauce. The main ingredients of the sauce however aren't the only ones that make the pancit Malabon unique from the other two orange-hued pancit. The sheer amount of toppings might be the key to its popularity.

Here are the different toppings you can use for your pancit Malabon:

Photo by Liana Smith Bautista

4 Crushed Chicharon

This might be the most popular part of the toppings where pork rinds or cracklings are crushed and scattered all over the top of the noodles. It delivers a subtle crunch as well as a meaty pork flavor that Filipinos love!   

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5 Pork Liempo 

Filipinos love pork so it's natural that we want this meat on everything! For the Malabon, it's a hearty topping that makes the noodles more filling and appetizing, especially for those who are looking for some meat on an otherwise meatless noodle dish.    

Photo by Karishma Etong

6 Hard-boiled Eggs 

No pancit Malabon is complete without eggs on top! The hard-boiled eggs serve as both a topping as well as a gorgeous decorative one. It adds much-needed heft to what could be a meatless option. Plus, it's delicious! 

Photo by Patrick Martires

7 Chicken

If you're looking for meatiness but want more variety, chicken is a great option. It's the universal favorite among meats and if kids are looking to give this pancit a try, offering a plate with chicken on top might just help it become a favorite noodle besides spaghetti.     

Photo by misskursovie2013 from Pixabay

8 Napa cabbage or pechay Baguio 

The pechay Baguio is also known as the napa cabbage or the Chinese cabbage. You'll find chunks of this hearty vegetable shredded on top together with the other toppings on a pancit Malabon. 

Photo by Martijn Hendrikx from Pixabay

9 Flaked tinapa

This might be over-the-top but the pancit Malabon also features some flaked fish on top of its mound of toppings. If you thought the toppings were enough, it's not without some of this fish scattered on top of the mound of toppings or stirred into the sauce for even more flavor. 

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10 Assorted Seafood 

Finally, the toppings will not be complete without any seafood on top. Even it's just the pieces of shrimp you used for the shrimp broth for the sauce, you can take the time to be extra generous, especially if you're serving this for a celebration. You can dazzle your family with an array of seafood on top of your pancit: shrimp, squid, clams, tahong, and even oysters or talaba can be served on top! 

You may not have a chance to visit Malabon anytime soon. However, you can take a tour of its food through its famous dish that was so good, it was named after the city it originated from. 


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