This Is How Mayonnaise Can Make A Pandesal Breakfast Better

This spread can be used in various ways.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, so it’s always a good idea to make sure that your meal is not only delicious but filling as well. A sandwich may sound like a snack instead of breakfast but pandesal with palaman is not only one of our favorite breakfasts, but it’s also classic almusal! It can be as simple as pandesal and your choice of spread, but you can level up your meal with a few tweaks.

Here are three ways you can make that pandesal breakfast meal better using these mayonnaise hacks

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1 Make a super fluffy scrambled egg palaman.  

Did you know that one of the ways to make a super fluffy scrambled egg is by adding mayonnaise to the beaten egg before you cook it? The trick to this is to add enough mayonnaise to the beaten eggs so that the mixture can hold in air and result in a scrambled egg that stays fluffy. The mayonnaise not only adds a touch of delicious flavor but also keeps it fluffy. As little as 2 teaspoons or even a whole tablespoon of mayonnaise can do the trick. 


Want to make it extra special? Try using a mayonnaise-based spread that has mix-ins already in it such as Ladys’ Choice Ham Spread, Tuna Spread, or Chicken. Any of these spreads can easily level up the flavor of your scrambled eggs with just a tablespoon or two stirred into your eggs. Serve it on the side of fresh pandesal and kape

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2 Make a decadent egg salad. 

Some of us love a simple boiled egg so it’s easy to make an egg salad to sandwich in your pandesal. Mayonnaise is the base spread to use with the roughly chopped eggs but this too can be made even better with a few additional ingredients. 

For this egg salad, sesame seeds transform it from normal to a Japanese-style egg sandwich. Stir in a few drops of toasted sesame dressing into the egg-mayonnaise mix for an instant boost of umami flavor. Stir in chopped bacon or sweet-salty ham with the egg-mayo spread or slip in a slice of kesong puti for that local touch.  


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3 Toast pandesal in the pan.    

Butter isn’t the only spread you can use to toast sandwich bread slices. Mayonnaise is a fantastic substitute that works remarkably well when toasting on a griddle such as when making grilled cheese sandwiches. 

The trick to doing this is to spread the outside of the pandesal with a thin layer of mayonnaise last so you can immediately place the mayonnaise-side straight into the pan. Griddle it as you would normally as if you used butter. This trick adds that toasted, buttery taste with a touch of mayo that makes it so good as a substitute for butter. 

How do you level up your pandesal breakfast meals? 


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