7 Days Of Pasta Meals: This Meal Plan Is Far From Boring

When planning for pasta, you need to love all kinds of sauces.

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Pasta is undeniably a favorite meal for most. It's a simple dish made tasty and delicious with what can be a variety of sauces, toppings, and other mix-ins that you like. In truth, you can put together all your favorite things in a pasta dish. 

The trick to having a successful pasta meal plan is learning to love all the different kinds of pasta recipes that are available. There are at least three kinds of pasta sauces that you can make: 

  1. 1. tomato-based  
  2. 2. cream-based
  3. 3. oil-based

However, the traditional boiled and cooked pasta tossed into your choice of sauce is not the only way to enjoy pasta. Pasta can also be baked, it can be made into soup, and it can be the optional ingredient in a recipe that calls for other ingredients to make it whole. It can even be made a part of the dessert!  

If you're worried that this pasta meal plan will become boring and leave you hating pasta when the week is through, the variety and ways that you can tweak this meal plan might make you evaluate your view of the humble pasta. 

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Day 1: Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta and Garlic Oil Pasta  

It's always a good idea to make things fast, easy, and super delicious to make you excited about the week's meal plan. An easy 5-ingredient tomato pasta recipe is a great way to make that first pasta meal easy yet satisfying. You can follow it up with a similarly simple garlic oil pasta or aglio e olio pasta which you can beef up with some chopped chorizo or sausages to make a hearty dinner. 


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Day 2: Chicken Sopas and Macaroni and Cheese 

If you have had enough of pasta dishes the previous day, make it into a soup! There are many ways to make sopas but the classic version is always a satisfying winner of a meal. Serve it with toasted bread to help sop up the soup if you want it more hearty or crush saltine crackers over it to beef it up without rice.


For dinner, make the flavors simpler but still creamy with a simple macaroni and cheese meal that you can also easily make more hearty with chunks or slices of your choice of vegetables and meat.        

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Day 3: Corn and Tuna Pasta and Baked Ziti  

Baked pasta dishes and canned food recipes are fantastic for making pasta dishes super appetizing. Canned food are usually already cooked so it's just mixing ingredients together to make your sauce. 


Baked pasta recipes are easy if you have spare time to prepare things in advance. You can just put everything together into a large baking dish, top it off with some melty cheese, and cover and store it in the refrigerator until its time to prepare your meal. This make-ahead prep can be your salvation when you need to rush through the day and don't have time to do much else other than place this in an oven with extra time (at least 30 minutes).

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Day 4: Minestrone and Cheese and Pepper Pasta

Soups will be your change of pace when it comes to pasta. While you can make pasta sauces different every time, eating a pasta dish can be what makes the meal boring. When it's cooked as a soup, you fool yourself into thinking it's a different kind of meal altogether.  

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Day 5: Creamy Tinapang Bangus Pasta and Salted Egg And Tomato Pasta 

The end of the workweek is usually when you feel like you need a break from all the stress of the days before it. You can opt for these super flavorful pasta dishes that use ingredients you might not have thought to use for pasta. Tinapang bangus is flaked and added to a creamy sauce while salted egg or itlog na maalat is paired with tangy fresh tomatoes for a surprisingly delicious pasta that you can eat without the guilt. 

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Day 6: Pasta with Chicken, Garlic, and Basil and Pinoy Carbonara Recipe 

Weekends are days when you can go all out! Feel free to play around with your creativity in the kitchen and dole out these two creamy pasta recipes that are as different in flavor from each other as can be. One is the classic Pinoy favorite that everyone will enjoy with its intense creaminess and bacon-loaded sauce while the other is the adult version with its simply shredded chicken tossed in a creamy garlic sauce made more aromatic and fresh with the slivers of basil. 

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Day 7: Spaghetti with Meatballs and Lasagna 

One of the best ways of making meals easier to prepare is to double up on ingredients that you can use for more than one dish. These meatballs will be the main ingredient of both meals but it will come in different forms so you're not eating the same pasta dish. Make it simple and easy with the meatballs gracing your spaghetti in rounded heaps and later, stuff it into the layers of a creamy lasagna that you can put together when you cook your meatballs and chill until you're ready to prep dinner.           


We're pretty sure pasta is one of the most versatile ingredients you have in the kitchen but the range of ideas of how to prepare it is what makes it a winning ingredient to always have in your pantry. If you love pasta and adore a meal plan that won't make you feel like it's the same recipe over and over again, try this meal plan. Feel free to switch pasta recipes around because in truth, only you and your taste buds can determine if the meal plan is a boring one or not.   




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