Pinoy Fruit Salad Tip: This Step Will Save Your Salad From Turning Red

You need to do this every time you make fruit salad.

When you cook a dish, you may think you are merely cooking for the way it tastes.

That’s not completely true.

When you eat a dish, you eat with your eyes as well. That’s why we cook with flavorful as well as colorful ingredients

While ingredients do contribute to the overall flavor and taste of a dish, it can also add a different texture as well as color to your dish. Some spices add flavor as well as a flavor while vegetables are the biggest contributors to the colors in your dish together with fruits and herbs. 

For your macaroni or fruit salad, its ingredients are usually canned fruits, and these have usually been soaked in a thickened sweetened syrup. Sometimes, these syrups are dyed and when not prepared right, it can tint your entire dish with its color. 

If you don’t want your dish to be entirely tinged red or green, you need to do this prepping tip so it doesn’t. 

Drain your dyed red or green kaong before adding to your fruit salad.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

Drain your ingredients of the dyed syrup. 

Before you toss your ingredients together for your salad, note the ones that are in a color syrup or in any liquid that could dye the cream dressing of your salad. This includes kaong in its dyed sugar syrup and the red liquid that maraschino cherries are soaked in for your creamy fruit salad recipe.


All you need to do is to simply drain that dyed syrup in a sieve over a bowl to collect the syrup, preferably overnight like you would the fruit cocktail. If you don’t mind your salad being tinged red or green, another good reason why you should drain these ingredients is because it will also make your salad watery.  

The fruit salad you serve at the table should be the thick, creamy, and delicious dessert that ends your meal perfectly. To ensure that it is, use this tip for ingredients that could ruin the look you’re going for. 



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