Here’s How You Can Preserve Your Precious Siling Labuyo Stash

Satisfying your hot and spicy cravings just got real.

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The price of the tiny but powerfully hot siling labuyo has sky-rocketed in the midst of inflation these days. If you have a stash, here’s what you can do to help preserve what little you have left now so you can continue to enjoy the stinging heat that makes every dish even more appetizing:



Homemade Chili-Garlic Oil

It's the dark and chunky chili oil you douse in soy sauce to eat with siomai and is served tableside at every Chinese restaurant. You can easily make it and store it until your next siomai and yang chow fried rice craving hits.  


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Turn dishes from simple to deliciously spicy with homemade chili oil! It's easier to make than you might think!




Garlic and Chili Vinegar

Sour and spicy are the main flavors of this condiment and it's fantastic served with your silog breakfast. What makes this extremely easy is that you just heat vinegar, add your other ingredients, then leave it to cool. Not only that, you can adjust the spiciness and the garlic amounts if you like your vinegar with more flavor.


Your fave "silog" meals and grilled meats just got better with this sauce.



Sweet Labuyo Chili Sauce

Not everyone loves the stinging heat and may need another flavor to accompany the spice. To combat this one-note flavor, the sweetness is the delicious complement for the heat that the siling labuyo has. Four ingredients are all you need to make this recipe.


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This homemade chili sauce recipe definitely beats the store-bought kind!




Siling Labuyo Ketchup

Never tried this before? Siling labuyo ketchup has an aromatic and flavorful concoction of tomatoes, bananas, a collection of aromatics which include onions, garlic, mace, and star anise pods, and finally, siling labuyo. All this is cooked over a flame before being pureed using a handheld blender. What you get is a thick sauce that not only has the flavors of bananas, tomatoes, and the chili, but it’s also homemade so you know exactly what went into your version and can make it again, and again, and again as desired.


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Homemade, fresh, and proudly Filipino spicy ketchup is the condiment that you need in your pantry.



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Pour yourself a glass of milk. It's about to get hot in here!

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Fan of fiery flavors from chilies? Here's how to handle the heat.

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