This Date Is More Important Than "The Expiry Date"

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We've all done it: you diligently keep your kitchen cupboard full and well stocked and then, promptly forgot that a can or two is there. You may have placed it in the back and covered it up with other cans but sadly, it may be only a few months or even weeks away from expiring. 

The good news is that canned food can and will last for years and possibly indefinitely, in optimal conditions: the can has no dents, rust, or swelling and is stored in a cool and dry place. This also applies to frozen food that is frozen solid and packaged food that is also stored properly and without any pest, mold, or any other infestion. The only downside to food that has been preserved for so long is taste and texture. These food may have become dry and may taste different or even stale. 

This is why the expiry date isn't the only date on canned food you should be concerned with. While the expiry date tells you the latest date you should eat the canned food, you should also note the production date, too. 


The production date, also known as the manufacturing date in other industries, is the date that the food was made, and this is why it should be a more important date than the expiry date. This denotes how fresh the food is. The closer the date is to the present date, the fresher it is. This also means your canned food will keep fresher in storage for longer as well

So, when you're grocery shopping for canned food, you should note three things: 

  1. 1 The can should be in good condition. 
  2. 2 The expiry date is far in the future.
  3. 3 The production date is closest to the present day. 
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