What's The Difference: Quick-Melting Cheese Vs. Mozzarella Cheese

Both melt really well but produce different cheesy results.

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Which kind of cheese lover are you? 

There are many kinds of different cheese available on the market but two of the most popular that we love to use in the kitchen are these two: mozzarella cheese and quick-melting cheese. 

Are you a fan of stretchy, gooey cheese or do you like cheese that's more creamy and tasty? If you love the stretchy cheese, you must be talking about mozzarella cheese. If creamy cheese is what makes food appetizing for you, you are into quick-melting cheese. 

It can be as simple as that when it comes to their differences but there is more to these than how it melts. Both kinds of cheese melt really well but produce different cheesy results. Here is how these two kinds of cheese are different: 

Quick-melting cheese is a shelf-stable ingredient.
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1 Quick-melting cheese is shelf-stable. Mozzarella cheese needs to be refrigerated. 

One useful trait of quick-melting cheese is that it's shelf-stable. This means that as long as it's not yet opened, it can last in your kitchen without any need for refrigeration for as long as its expiry date. Once opened, it's best to either use it up as soon as possible to prevent any mold and pests from making it inedible or refrigerate it wrapped properly. 

Mozzarella cheese meanwhile is basically fresh cheese and fresh cheese needs to be refrigerated. There are actually two kinds of mozzarella cheese: fresh cheese and low-moisture or processed mozzarella cheese. Fresh mozzarella cheese is similar to kesong puti in color and has a similar short shelf life. Processed mozzarella cheese is not as perishable as the fresh kind and this is because most of its water content has been removed to extend its shelf life. However, it still needs to be kept chilled to maintain its quality. 

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2 Quick-melting cheese is salty. Mozzarella cheese has a neutral flavor. 

Quick-melting cheese is a creamy addition to many dishes, especially pasta dishes. This quality is what makes it addictive when added. The other factor that makes it so desirable is the flavor. Unlike mozzarella cheese that has almost no flavor, quick-melting cheese tastes like cheddar cheese. The big difference between this and other processed cheddar cheese is that it melts even easier and faster when heated. 

Lasagna is commonly topped with stretchy mozzarella cheese.
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3 Quick-melting cheese is creamy. Mozzarella cheese is stretchy.  

One of the defining characteristics of these two kinds of cheeses is what it is like after it melts. While both melt quickly once heated, the resulting cheese is far apart in texture. Quick-melting cheese is silky and creamy. It looks similar to a cheese spread when hot. Mozzarella cheese meanwhile becomes stretchy when heated and when heated enough that it browns, those spots turn crispy instead of stretchy. 

This stretchy cheese is what makes pizza and baked pasta like lasagna and baked macaroni so irresistible! If you love the stretchy quality of mozzarella but also want to infuse flavor into the dish, it's often combined with other cheese such as Parmesan and quick-melting cheese. The resulting dish is a pasta dish that has a bit of stretch with a creamy and delicious cheesy flavor, too. 


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