This Is The Inexpensive Meat Cut You Should Get For Samgyupsal At Home

This is an affordable samgyupsal meat hack.

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Korean barbecue or samgyupsal is easy to recreate at home. The trick is having the right equipment, the right cuts of meat, and the sides and sauces that make it so satisfying.   

For those who enjoy the quick-cooking meat that is served during these dine-in moments, the meat you cook is quite special. The tender bites, the meaty cuts, and the general delicious chunks of pork that you enjoy are all part of the experience. 

However, did you know that you can hack those cuts at more affordable prices? There's no need to specifically go to the Korean grocery to get these cuts because it's available at any butcher. All you have to do is know what to ask for and what to do with that cut. 

Thinly-sliced pork belly or samyeopsal
Thinly-sliced meats cook faster.
Photo by Pixabay
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Want pork belly or samyeopsal? This is a fatty, marbled, and flavorful pork cut and it comes from the pork belly or liempo cut. You can have it two ways: the thick cuts of the thinly sliced cuts. Ask your butcher for pork belly and request that the skin be removed. Then either ask to have it sliced into thick-cut slices or thinly sliced, almost as thin as bacon.  


That's it. This is all you need to do to mimic the Korean meat cuts for your next K-drama marathon.  

Get ready to enjoy more frequent Korean barbecue at home with this samgyupsal meat hack. 



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