You Need To Do This Every Time You Prepare Meats

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When it comes to cooking meats, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that whatever you're cooking is delicious. Among these is one step that many new cooks - and sometimes, even experienced cooks - forget to do: seasoning the meat

You may be thinking, that this is a basic cooking technique that you actually do. Here's the problem: when a meat dish contains a sauce, a broth, or is coated in a batter or breading, you may be forgetting to season it even before you do anything else to it. 

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Many people forget to season their meat when it's going to be in something that's already flavorful and delicious. However, this is a newbie cook mistake. Despite the fact that your meat will be accompanied by something flavorful, you still need to season the meat itself.

Why? This initial seasoning, no matter how lightly you sprinkle the salt on, will make the meat taste better, more flavorful. Not only that, you're layering flavors and that means every bite will taste good. 

If you don't believe it, do this quick test: cook two pieces of chicken. One should be seasoned with salt and the other without any prior seasoning. Then serve each one with some gravy or in a broth and have a taste. You should be able to identify the one that was seasoned before cooking because that piece will taste better than the one without any prior seasoning. 

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So, when you're ready to discover just how flavorful a little salt can be, this is what we want you to do whenever you're going to be cooking with meat:


Always season your meats with salt, before cooking,regardless of sauces, dips, or rubs, so each bite is, without fail, a tasty one.


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