Go to These Grocery Stores To Get The Best Meat

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Finding good quality meats from trustworthy sources is a must when you're cooking for yourself or for your loved ones at home. There are plenty of things to consider-how do you tell if the meat is fresh? Can the grocery store butchers help you find the specific cut that you are looking for? 


Rustan's Marketplace, Makati Supermarket in Alabang, and S&R are top-notch when it comes to meat. Both Rustan's and Makati Supermarket have friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable butchers. Don't be afraid to ask them any questions!


Take note of these important meat shopping tips for your next trip to the grocery store:


1 Find a trustworthy butcher.


Look for someone who knows his or her meat. This way, if you ask for a specific cut of meat for a specific purpose, you know that you'll be getting the right cut. Your butcher can also recommend a cut that's best for you, too! Feel free to ask them any questions you may have about the meat-they know what kind of meat and cuts to give you whether you're making grilled steaks, bulalo, or osso buco. Makati Supermarket in Alabang also has butchers that are willing to chop, slice, and cut meat on the spot so that you get the freshest deals for your homemade dishes.





2 Consider special orders.


Have you tried calling your grocery store butcher in advance to save you the cuts that you need this week? Rustan's Marketplace takes special orders-you can have their butchers save their freshest cuts of steak for you and pick them up within the day, or have them slice beef into super thin strips for the Pinoy bistek you're making for dinner. Need someone to butterfly a whole chicken for your weekend barbecue? Ask your grocery store butcher to do it for you!



3 Use your senses to check the freshness of the meat you are purchasing.

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Good meat should look fresh, without any graying or discolored areas-signs of freezer burn. Meat should also not have an unpleasant smell or slimy or sticky texture. When you're unsure about the freshness of the meat you're seeing in front of you, go for another cut or visit another grocery. S&R Membership Shopping outlets and Rustan's Marketplace groceries are both known for having consistent supplies of fresh, good-quality meats.



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4 Go thick!


Serving steak this weekend? Ask your butcher to cut steaks at least 1 inch in thickness (or 2 inches if you're purchasing tenderloin) to prevent over-cooking on high heat. It's also important to cook the steak right away-preferably on the day that it is purchased. A simple salt-and-pepper-seasoned steak with bring forth all the natural flavors of the beef. If your cut isn't fresh, trust us-you will taste it in every bite.


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5 Know where the best meats come from.


Beef-obsessed countries, like Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, produce-you guess it-excellent-quality beef cuts. Steaks from these countries will only cost you Php1,100 pesos and up.


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