Easy and Refreshing Summer Drinks You Can Make To Beat The Heat

Cool down with these icy and refreshing summer beverages!

Summer is here and what better way to cool off than with an icy cold drink? Whether you prefer tea, coffee, or fruity drinks, we’ve got a summer drink for you that is sure to cool you down!

1 Iced Coffee Recipes

Add a twist to your regular latte with coconut cream!
Photo by Roselle Miranda

Iced Coconut Coffee Recipe 

Is there anything more summer-y than coconut? You can combine coconut’s unique flavor with your favorite cup of joe by adding coconut cream! In this recipe, we used the pour-over method to make a stronger-flavored coffee, but brewed coffee or even espresso shots will work as well.

Combining coffee, chocolate, and orange makes a delicious icy drink.

Coffee Al Orange Recipe

Coffee and chocolate taste great together. Chocolate and orange also taste great together. But mix coffee, chocolate, and orange and you get a strong mocha kick with a citrus flavor! While you can absolutely use brewed coffee, you can enhance the coffee flavor in this drink by swapping it out with espresso.

Who says peppermint drinks are only for Christmas? They’re great during summer, too.
Photo by Toto Labrador

Peppermint Mocha Recipe

Peppermint may be associated with Christmas, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this cooling recipe in the heat of the summer! Mint or peppermint have cooling properties, and paired with mocha, this drink will leave you refreshed and energized.

Coffee jelly is easy to prepare and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
Photo by Majoy Siason

Coffee Jelly Recipes 

There is a lot you can do with coffee jelly. Even though the classic coffee jelly recipe is already a treat, you can add twists like add coconut, use chocolate powder, add sago, or even make it into a frappucino!


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2 Iced Tea Recipes

Infuse this tea with your favorite fruits!
Photo by Patrick Martires

Basic Black Iced Tea Recipe

Black tea is a more oxidized type of tea, which is how it gets its darker color. It is also sometimes called hong cha or red tea, particularly in China, because of its reddish hue. Black tea has a stronger taste than other varieties of tea, and it has the most caffeine content as well. If you need a quick caffeine boost but prefer to drink tea over coffee, this black tea drink is the perfect one for you!

Green tea and fruits are a refreshing combo!
Photo by Toto Labrador

Fruity Iced Green Tea Recipe 

Compared to black tea, green tea has a milder flavor and lends itself well to light, fruity flavors. This iced tea recipe pairs green tea with white grape juice and makes it fizzy with soda water.

This lychee tea-monade is easy to make ahead.

Lychee Tea Lemonade Recipe

This lychee tea-monade is an easy drink to make! With just a can of lychee, some lemons, and your favorite tea bag, you can make a fruity, tangy iced tea drink. Planning on making it ahead? You can do so by mixing all the liquid ingredients first and letting it chill in the refrigerator; add the lychee right before you serve it!

This summer drink is not only delicious, it’s healthy, too!
Photo by Yummy

Banaba Lemongrass Iced Tea Recipe

Want a healthy but refreshing iced tea drink? Then this banaba lemongrass iced tea is for you. Banaba is rich in antioxidants, and also has anti-diabetic and cholesterol-lowering effects, while lemongrass is has anti-inflammation and anxiety-reducing properties.

3 Fruit Juice and Cooler Recipes

This apple and orange cooler is improved with a simple trick.
Photo by Patrick Martires

Apple and Orange Juice Recipe 

You can’t compare apples and oranges, but you can sure put them together and make a sweet, citrusy, and refreshing drink! Our secret to making this delicious juice: make orange juice and apple juice ice cubes. When the ice cubes melt, it won’t water down your apple and orange juice!

Kamias isn’t just for sinigang. Use it for this citrusy iced juice drink!

Kamias and Dalandan Juice Recipe 

Did you know that aside from making sinigang, you can use kamias to make a tangy iced drink? The trick is to let the kamias soak in water. The kamias-infused water is then flavored with dalandan juice and sugar, but you can also use honey for an extra flavor boost.

We love this berry healthy summer cooler!
Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

Berry Malunggay Juice Recipe 

If you’ve got picky eaters at home but want to sneak in healthier options in their diet, try this berry malunggay juice! It’s packed with berries (you can choose your favorite), orange juice, cranberry juice, and fortified with malunggay, which has a lot of health benefits. Malunggay has a very mild taste and will blend in well with the berry and citrus flavors of this iced fruit drink.

Making a cool summer drink can’t get easier than this!
Photo by Jun Pinzon

Watermelon and Strawberry Juice Recipe

This watermelon and strawberry juice recipe could not get any simpler, and yet it yields such a delicious drink! All you need to do is blend the watermelon and strawberry together, add mint and sugar, and you’re all set. Bonus tip: freeze your diced watermelon cubes before adding them to the blender (you may need to add a bit of water to help it blend), and you’ve instantly turned this juice into a cooler!



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