Tip of the Week: How to Scale a Recipe

How do you scale a recipe up or down?




Most recipes serve at least four, but you’re only cooking for two. Or maybe you’re throwing a party and need more servings than a recipe makes. Here's how to scale a recipe up (or down!):

Simply get the recipe’s conversion factor—that is, the desired number divided by the original number of servings. Say you’re making a chicken parmigiana recipe that serves four for only two people. Simply divide two by four to get the recipe’s conversion factor, which, in this case, is 0.5. Multiply each ingredient by 0.5 for the new measurements—the original two cups of tomatoes now becomes one cup. Now, if you want to cook a recipe that serves two for four people, divide four by two to get the conversion factor of 2. Easy, right?


But make sure to keep these guidelines in mind: First, scale up only a maximum of four times. If you need more, make the dish in several batches. Second, alcohols and seasonings should only be scaled up 1.5 times for every double recipe. It’s easier to add more later on. Lastly, temperature and cooking time do not scale precisely. Keep the original temperature and use the original cooking time as a guideline instead.





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Original text by Trinka Gonzales by published in the October 2014 issue of Yummy magazine


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