How To Keep Track Of Your Food Supply In The Refrigerator

Make your grocery list do more.

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One thing we can't afford right now is food waste

You can do your part in making sure that you don't attribute to food waste by not only using up ingredients but also using ingredients before it starts to go bad. How many times have you opened the chiller drawer only to clean it out of the mushy tomatoes, moldy lengths of sitaw and cabbage heads, and dried up calamansi and oranges? 

To help you not only keep track of your food in the refrigerator but also manage your grocery list, you need to keep track of your food inventory, which is very helpful right now, too. You can do this in several ways. Here's what we suggest you do:  

Use markers for writing the date on each package before storing.
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1 Date each package. 

When you arrive after shopping for groceries, it's a good idea to not only make sure that your ingredients are stored correctly but also you know when each one was purchased. Why is this important? This applies the rule of FIFO: first in, first out. If you have two or more packages of the same ingredient, just by looking at the date will let you know which you should use up first since it will probably go bad first, too. 

A simple date on your ingredients can reduce the guessing game that you have to play each time you reach in for an ingredient. 

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2 Place ingredients in front. 

Even if you don't date your food supply in the refrigerator, you can help yourself use older ingredients first by placing these ingredients in front where you will see it first.

Don't allow ingredients already in the refrigerator to be pushed to the back! Instead, place these ingredients in front or on top, in the center if need be, so that the first thing you see when you open the door or drawer is this kind of food. It's your subconscious reminder that the food you see if what you should eat.  

Make a grocery list that you can use and reuse.
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3 Reuse your grocery list. 

Do you make and have a grocery list each time you go on a supply run? That's perfect because this useful list can do double duty as your food inventory list. To make this grocery list into your inventory list, you need to list down what the ingredients are in the refrigerator and how many of that kind is in there. Use a simple list or make a checklist. Then, when you use up one of these, you can just either cross out the ingredient or make a note of how many are still left.  

Make a new one each time you go out for supplies so the list is always updated, with the date indicated so you know when last you went out for that food. You can use a notepad, chalkboard, or whiteboard attached to your door to make this list easy to use and see for everyone who uses the refrigerator. Then either take a picture or tear if off the notepad and you can go do your shopping. 


How do you keep track of your ingredients? Do you have any unique tips and ideas on how to do it better? Feel free to let us know! 


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