How To Make Delicious Chicken Macaroni Salad

Make your macaroni salad super tasty!

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You can always count on someone to make a pasta dish whenever there is a gathering of some sort. You may expect someone to bring a spaghetti, a lasagna, or even a baked macaroni dish to the party. However, when the holidays are near, it's the chicken macaroni salad that takes a more popular role on the buffet table. 

If you are planning to make this unique dish for Noche Buena, you might need some tips to get you through the making of it. Here are some to keep in mind when making it:  

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1 Cook the pasta first. 

Have you ever cooked pasta and either discovered that you didn't have enough sauce to make it taste perfect? It might even be the opposite: you might have too much sauce and not enough pasta.

Unless you have perfected the recipe, it's a common problem many of us face. You can avoid that by cooking the pasta first when making macaroni salad. By cooking the pasta first, you can better gauge how much dressing you will need. Plus, you can always reserve half of the pasta instead of adding it all into the dressing. You can always add more pasta but you might not be able to remove it if you find that you don't have enough dressing made. 

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2 Make the dressing more flavorful.  

The dressing is what makes any salad more delicious. In the case of the macaroni salad, it's doubly important. The dressing is what makes the salad delicious and tasty. However, it's a common mistake to believe that dressings can lose their tasty powers when dumped with too much pasta. While you do not want your macaroni salad swimming in the dressing, you do need to make your dressing much more flavorful than you would normally.


Since pasta is a bland ingredient, the dressing needs to step up in flavor so add a little bit more than usual. Give it a taste and if it tastes "perfect", it's not. Add more because once it is tossed with the pasta, it will go from "perfect" to "bland" with every toss. 

3 Generously add mix-ins. 

The biggest mistake some people when making macaroni salads is not adding enough mix-ins. This is a pasta salad and while the dressing might be flavorful, the chunks, bits, and shreds of ingredients that mix with the elbow macaroni pasta are a delightful contrast. It's these ingredients that make the eater want to spoon another into their mouths. It can be meaty, fruity, juicy, and tasty components that will make your macaroni salad a hit at any buffet table. 

4 Keep it chilled.

It's a pasta, sure, but it's still a salad. This means that its dressing is made with mayonnaise, a mixture that's made with eggs. Despite commercial mayonnaise being less perishable than fresh mayonnaise, there is still a danger of the mayonnaise spoiling. Keeping it chilled just like any other salad dressing will keep you from unintentionally causing any food poisoning incidents. 


Besides, a chilled chicken macaroni salad is best when chilled completely. The pasta are firmer and the ingredients are free to meld and become more delicious.

Your tastebuds and your guests will thank you. 


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