Use This Guide to Pick the Right Bread for Your Sandwich

Get to know the different kinds of bread with this cheat sheet.

Aside from the usual pandesal and white loaf, there are many other options available out there. Know which kind of bread to purchase for the specific sandwich or recipe you’re making—their textures differ greatly! Get to know the different kinds of bread with this cheat sheet.



1 Bagels


Ring-shaped just like doughnuts, bagels are made out of yeasted dough that’s first boiled before being baked. Bagels are dense and chewy, with a crisp exterior. They can be flavored with a variety of seasonings, or topped with sesame seeds or salt. They’re best eaten smothered with cream cheese or turned into a sandwich with cured salmon or ham.


2 Batard


Similar to a baguette, although shorter and wider, batard has a crisp, almost hard crust and a chewy interior. Batard is a good choice for sandwiches because its crust can withstand heavier fillings like steak and chicken, while the soft interior can soak up wet fillings like vegetables and spreads.


3 Baguette


Baguette is commonly called French bread. Distinguished for being thin and long, with a length averaging 26 inches, the real baguette is made with only flour, yeast, salt, and water. Its crust should be crisp, and its interior light, white, slightly chewy, and dotted with irregularly shaped holes. Enjoy a freshly baked baguette simply smothered with butter.


4 Pita


The round and flat pita is a type of unleavened bread popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Once split in half, the soft and mildy flavored bread reveals a pocket that can hold a variety


of meat fillings, vegetables, and sauces. Falafels and kebabs are usually eaten with warmed pita. It can also be cut into triangles, toasted, and paired with dips like hummus.



5 English Muffins


Made from yeasted dough, English muffins are small, round, and flat. They are usually split horizontally, toasted until slighty crunchy on the outside, then buttered. Commonly served for breakfast, English muffins can be topped with jam or turned into sandwiches with sausage patties, fried eggs, and cheese.



6 Focaccia


Hailing from Italy, focaccia is a type of white flatbread that’s made with yeast and olive oil. This soft and moist bread is usually flavored with herbs and spices, and is known for having wells or dots on its surface. Because it’s already flavored, focaccia is best eaten on its own or paired with grilled or roasted meats.


7 Croissant


Named for its crescent shape, the croissant is a popular flaky, buttery, golden pastry. It is made out of leavened dough that’s layered with butter then rolled and folded several times. A good croissant is great paired with a simple fruit jam, although it can also be stuffed with light fillings and turned into a sandwich.



8 Ciabatta


The Italian ciabatta is a white flatbread that’s also made with just flour, yeast, salt, and water. Its name translates to “slipper,” which inspired its shape. It is a popular sandwich bread because of its neutral flavor. A filled, flattened, and toasted ciabatta loaf becomes what is known as a panini.


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Article originally published in the June 2017 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits have been made by editors. 

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