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Ask your butcher for this succulent cut of beef.

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This beef cut called beef short ribs or tadyang baka is a succulent cut of meat. It's no longer a common cut at the butcher shop but you can request it and we highly recommend you do. However, there is much confusion about what it is exactly. Also known simply as the tadyang, the beef short ribs are actually the so-called "spareribs" just cut a little differently.

Just like on the pork ribs, the short rib of beef is the small section trimmed off from the main portion of a rib that is located closer to the belly than the back of the cow. This spot is meatier than the rib parts and that's why this cut is more succulent and fattier than the main ribs area. 

That's why when it comes to buying and cooking it, it's important to remember that these are meaty chunks and not just bones. You'll get delicious beefy cuts that are arguably more flavorful because it's simmered and braised with the beef bones. The result of these stewed beef recipes are usually super flavorful dishes that don't need any outside help from bouillon cubes or stock granules. 


Cooking it long and slow is really the best way to ensure that your dish results in super tender beef chunks. Here are five recipes to make that will encourage you to take a chance and buy this beef cut: 

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1 Crispy Tadyang Recipe 

The biggest commitment you need to make when cooking with tadyang baka is the time to tenderize it. You may need as much as one and a half hours to simmer the beef until it's tender to the bite. However, once you have tender beef, it's a short few minutes of frying that results in an appetizingly delicious contrast of textures of this recipe. You get tender beef on the inside while the outside is has a crunchy crust. Serve it like chicharon or tulapho for a delicious snack or with lots of rice for a satsifying fried beef meal. 


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2 Kalderetang Tadyang ng Baka (Short Ribs Stew) Recipe

The most common way of cooking beef is long and slow in a stew. The kaldereta is one of the most popular ways of enjoying beef but in this recipe, it uses short ribs instead of meaty beef chunks. This is familiar to those who enjoy the original kaldereta made with goat meat, which is bonier than beef. The good thing about using beef instead of goat is that there is much less gaminess to worry about. You get tender meat without that aftertaste that some find off-putting. 


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3 Sizzling Beef Tadyang Recipe 

This sizzling beef tadyang recipe looks super appetizing but it's got a secret. It's all in the sauce. Instead of your usual creamy mushroom-based sauce that many sizzling beef dishes may be served with, this sizzling beef rib dish is doused in a sauce that is tangy and surprisingly familiar. The sauce is made with tamarind or sampaloc. How's that for a surprising flavor pairing? 


4 Beef Short Ribs on Kimchi Rice 

There are many ways to make silog breakfast combo but we think this recipe may take it over the top! This silog is sure to make any K-drama fan excited! The beef is infused with Korean flavors, courtesy of the soy-garlic glaze that the beef is simmered in. Then the rice is not just a sinangag. It's made extra flavorful with the addition of kimchi and gochujang. Finally, it's topped with a sunny-side-up egg but is served with fresh cucumber kimchi on the side to make you remember that this isn't your usual silog meal. 


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5 Batangas Beef Short Ribs Pinatisan Recipe 

This beef dish may not look like much but you'd be dead wrong on the flavor! This is a delicious and classic way of cooking beef ribs that combines Navotas's famous patis or fish sauce and the equally well-known Batangas beef. For this recipe, beef ribs take the spotlight in the dish that's simply seasoned with onion, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, and a little bay leaf. A little vinegar is added right before it's served to cut through the richness of the beef. 


Here are ways to cook ribs from pork that you can easily swap for beef ribs so you can enjoy the beef version of these delicious recipes: 


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