What Is A Rubber Scraper And How To Use It

This is just an old term for this baking tool.

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Did you hear or read the words "rubber scraper" then stop and wonder what it could be?   

Scrapers in the culinary world are exactly that: tools that were made to scrape pastes, batters, and other ingredients from bowls, plates, and other surfaces. A rubber scraper is handy in the kitchen since it can mold to the shape of the bowl or whatever container you are using to get every last bit out.

"Rubber scraper" is sometimes still being used, but in modern terms, this commonly refers to the silicone spatula. This is because back before silicone, a high heat-resistant material, was used for kitchen tools, rubber was the common material for scrapers.

However, this first batch of rubber scrapers posed a problem for some since the rubber used for these older tools weren't very high-heat resistant. While it was perfect for its main job, as a scraper, it couldn't be used for melting sugar, stirring melted butter, and other high-heat baking situations. There were some situations where the rubber became deformed, softening, and even melting when it was being used to stir hot ingredients. Plus, rubber deteriorated over time, becoming hard and brittle. 

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That's where silicone came in and took over. Silicone is a synthetic material that's a cross between plastic and rubber. It's waterproof, very flexible, and able to withstand a range of temperatures. Its ability to remain stable at both high temperatures (hot) as well as low temperatures (cold) is what makes it the perfect material for the spatula since it can be used as a preparation tool as well as a cooking utensil for both cooking and baking. 


Are you in a kitchen that's without a silicone spatula? We definitely believe every kitchen, including yours, needs at least one! These are the uses of a silicone spatula aka rubber scraper in your kitchen that will make it indispensable: 

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1 Scrape bowls, foil wrappers, and other surfaces cleanly. 

The original purpose of this tool is to scrape bowls clean. All those streaks of batter that still cling to the bowl when you use a wooden spoon are easily and almost effortlessly scooped up and transferred as desired with the silicone spatula. Its flexible head can also scrape off the foil wrappers of butter and cream cheese so every last bit is used. This includes the plate where the chicken rested, so you can scrape all the delicious juices that leaked out to make it into a gravy that's loaded with more flavor.      


2 Fold ingredients together. 

Folding is the act of placing one part of something on top of another. In the case of baking, folding is the act of using a mixing tool, usually a silicone spatula, to gather the ingredients from the bottom of the bowl and placing this on top of the mixture. By doing this repeatedly, it's a gentle yet still effective way of blending two mixtures together. This is usually done with a mixture that's lighter than the other, such as a cake batter and whipped egg whites, so as to not remove the air incorporated into the lighter mixture. 

3 Stir ingredients. 

You don't need to dirty another tool when you can use the same tool you were using to stir ingredients together. What we love about the silicone spatula is that since it's heat resistant, you can scrape and stir ingredients in a bowl as well as scrape and stir ingredients in a hot pot, wok, or a pan on the stove just as easily, too.  



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