Here's What You Can Do If You Forgot to Defrost Meat

We have solutions!

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Oops! Did you forget to leave the meat out in the refrigerator to defrost? Worry not—it happens way more often than you think and we have solutions! You will still be able to put that meal together and enjoy it with your family. Here are 2 things you can do to defrost your meat as quickly and as safely as possible.


1 Thaw it in a microwave.

The magic of thawing meat in a microwave is that it words in a matter of minutes! Depending on the size and weight of your meat, set your microwave to between 30% and 50% power, and set the timer to 1 minute. At this point, any pieces of meat or poultry that are stuck together will have separated. Flip each piece over, and microwave at a lower setting for 1 more minute. Remember: make sure that you take the meat out of its plastic packaging and place it on a microwave-safe dish or bowl.



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Learn how to defrost chicken properly.


2 Use a water bath or let water drip onto your meat slowly.

This one’s easy, but will take at least an hour to get workable results (compared to 2 minutes in a microwave!). Place your frozen meat, still packaged, in a bowl. Fill it up with water or let water from your sink drip onto the meat slowly. If you opt to fill the bowl up with water, change the water every 15 minutes until the meat separates and starts to defrost. Avoid using hot water for this—hot water will cook the outer layers of your meat and poultry.


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Strapped for time? You can thaw meat quickly and cook up something fast.

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If handled and cooked properly, chicken can be safe from food poisoning hazards.

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