WATCH: What to Do with Leftover Fresh Herbs

No wilting, no waste! Here are ideas for what you can do with your stash of leftover herbs.


Whether you buy store-bought packs of herbs or grow them in your garden, odds are that you'll always have more herbs than necessary for a recipe. What do you do with the stash of extra herbs left in the fridge? Here are some ideas:


Freeze the herbs in olive oil 

Arrange fresh, firm herbs in an ice cube tray, fill it with olive oil, and freeze it overnight. The oil helps prevents the herbs from browning easily. You may also cut or chop the herbs, mix together different varieties for more flavor, or use butter instead of oil to preserve it. Once frozen, you'll have a stash of herbs in oil ready for stir-fries, soups, and other recipes.

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Make herb pesto

Use leftover herbs to make pesto! You may also combine different varieties for your own version of a mixed herbs pesto. We used leftover basil, parsley, and mint for our version.


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Infuse oil with herbs

Heat up oil in a pan and pour it in a sterilized container filled with herbs. Heating the oil helps kill bacteria from the herbs and brings out more flavor out of it. Use the infused oil for stir-fries, soups, and other recipes or as a finishing oil for salads and dips.

A bottle of infused oil can give dishes an extra dimension of flavor!


Make herb-flavored butter

Mix leftover herbs with softened butter for a more flavorful spread for bread or to use in other recipes.

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