This Is The Everyday Kitchen Utensil You Should Be Replacing Regularly

You use this every day, but it does need to be replaced.

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Look through your kitchen gadgets drawer or tool holder, and you'll see that the most commonly used items you have are the ones that are the most need of replacing or sharpening.

However, we think there is a kitchen tool that you probably use on a daily basis that you neglect to replace on a regular basis. While this tool can still do its job pretty efficiently, many of us forget that it too needs to be changed every year or at the most, every couple of years. 

Can you guess what the tool is? 

It's not your knives. Knives are indispensable in the kitchen but while these do become dull, these are easily fixed with the occasional need to be sharpened or at the very least, be honed before every use. You actually do not need to replace dull knives; a good sharpening will usually do. Serrated knives are another story since these usually cannot be sharpened unless you have a specialized tool that can sharpen every groove.  


Your cooking spoons and stirrers are likewise super useful, and fortunately, don't need to be replaced unless these are broken. Whisks are also pretty durable tools that need replacement only when broken. 

If you guessed your chopping boards, you're close since your chopping boards can become pockmarked and even smelly.  

The tool is your vegetable peeler. Vegetable peelers are extremely useful. Not only does it make peeling vegetables extremely easy, but it also does it in such a way that there is little food waste. The angle of the blade is such that you only remove the outermost rind, peel, or skin of the food you're peeling. 

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A vegetable peeler is a great tool that you do need to replace regularly to keep it sharp.
Photo by pasja1000 from Pixabay

However, many of us forget to replace this tool. You may not even notice that it needs to be replaced!

How can you tell a vegetable peeler needs replacing? 

Grab a firm tomato, and try to take off the peel as gently as you can. If the vegetable peeler can't get a good grip of the tomato peel, it's no longer as sharp as it used to be. You may use it for a little longer but it will need to be replaced later. if it easily peels the tomato, it's still sharp. 

If, however, you cannot peel a tomato at all, it's time to replace that peeler. 

This is also the reason why you don't need an expensive vegetable peeler. Feel free to grab the budget packs of peelers! Just like nonstick pans which you should replace occasionally, too, peelers can be inexpensive because it's basically disposable since you cannot sharpen the blade unless you have a special tool.


With that said, all you really need for a vegetable peel to be is sharp. 



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