When To Use Wax Paper

Remember: this can't be used for baking.

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There are a number of useful tools in the kitchen that are rolled up. You have at least four kinds that you might frequently use:

  • • parchment paper
  • • aluminum foil
  • • plastic wrap
  • • wax paper

The last one, wax paper, is a tricky one to use because you can use the other kinds of rolls for some of the same projects. However, there are some uses that make wax paper more useful than the others and it goes beyond using it for lining your counter when you have to do something messy. 

You can use wax paper for other things in the kitchen. Here are all the ways you can use wax paper in the kitchen: 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

1 Use it for making skinless longganisa

Who doesn't love a hearty breakfast in the morning? Make it even more satisfying and rewarding by making your own longganisa! It can be easy, especially if it's made skinless so you don't have to worry about where to source some casings and how to fill it. Instead, use wax paper to roll up the longganisa meat mixture and then freeze. This is great to use since the wax paper prevents the meat from sticking and easily is removed when it's time to cook. 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana
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2 Use it to wrap candy. 

Choc Nut rose to popularity recently because of Trese. If you want to make your own candy in the size that was shown in the series, you'll have to make your own and the best way to wrap it is in wax paper. Wax paper is convenient to use for candy such as homemade Choc Nut, wafer bars, and even some no-bake desserts that need some help getting released from their container. 

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3 Use it to store cheese. 

Got leftover cheese? It's best to use wax paper to wrap your cheese first then place in a plastic bag to keep it as fresh as possible. Just remember to replace it with a fresh, new, and clean sheet when you slice a wedge from it and it becomes too wrinkled.  

Photo by Dairy Darilag

4 Use it to separate meat and other prepared food. 

If you love to make your own burger patties, meatballs, and other prepared food, you can use wax paper to make sure that your carefully formed food doesn't become one solid mass stuck together while in storage. Cut up pieces of wax paper and slide these between each piece so you can easily grab one or three pieces instead of defrosting the entire batch. 

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5 Use it for rolling out dough.

You can actually either wax paper or parchment paper for this but either kind of paper can be the tool for rolling out dough since cookie dough will more roll out with this underneath it. The dough won't stick to the surface of the counter and if you double up on the paper, using it on the underneath as well as over the dough, your rolling pin will have an easier time not sticking to it either. However, remember that only parchment paper, not wax paper, can be used in the oven since the wax will melt in the heat. 

Do you use wax paper for other uses in the kitchen? Give us a heads up on your tips! 


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