Is Your Milk And Cheese Stored In The Wrong Part Of Your Refrigerator?

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Remember when you used to store eggs in the refrigerator door because that's where the egg tray fit? That's the wrong place for highly perishable food, especially eggs which age even in the cold, to be stored. If you remember these tips and are no longer storing your eggs in the door shelves, great job!

The shelves on your refrigerator door aren't the place to store your dairy products either. You should be storing your fresh milk, butter, and cheese elsewhere so these ingredients will stay fresher, longer. 

Here's why. 

The door shelves are not the coldest area of the refrigerator. The door is the area that becomes the warmest the quickest and will fluctuate in temperature the most often with every open and close that happens. In fact, the only food that should be stored in this part of the refrigerator are food that won't spoil easily. These include condiments and drinks such as water, sodas, and any pasteurized juices that you will consume quickly. 


Where should you store dairy? 

Milk, cheese, and butter belong elsewhere in your refrigerator, and it's not where you think to place them. Where are your eggs are stored? This is the same place dairy should be: on the shelf and in the back of the refrigerator.  

Where you store your eggs is where the milk and other dairy should be stored, too. 
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The back of the refrigerator is where it is coldest on the shelf. The bottom shelf of all the shelves is the coldest area of them all. This is where your dairy products should be stored to stay fresher and last longer, and so will your eggs. While you can store your butter, milk, and cheese anywhere on the shelves of your refrigerator, the best place is on the bottom shelf in the back. 

This may sound extreme since it will be hard to reach this spot every time you need a pat of butter or a glass of milk. However, if you're storing any of these dairy products for longer than a few days, this is where you should store them. 



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