10 Ways SPAM® Can Replace Your Meats

Give your favorite dishes a SPAM® twist!

10 Ways SPAM® Can Replace Your Meats
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Think of any classic Pinoy dish and it’s very likely it has some kind of protein in it. Whether it’s chicken, pork, or beef, no staple just seems to be complete without meat.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to fresh meat. Canned meat SPAM® has evolved from being a humble breakfast favorite to a pantry staple that is just as tasty and versatile as the meat you usually buy from the market.

The next time you cook one of your favorite meaty dishes, try making it with SPAM® to add an extra punch of umami. Here are 10 classic Pinoy favorites with a SPAM® twist:

1 SPAM® Sisig Recipe

Try this twist on the quintessential Pinoy pulutan. Add diced green and red chili and sprinkle calamansi juice to get sisig’s signature spicy-sour flavor. Don’t forget to use a sizzling plate to keep the diced SPAM® warm and crispy!

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Sisig.

2 SPAM® Paella Recipe

Intimidated by the process of making paella? Here’s an easier take! This recipe calls for the classic ingredients–tomato paste, olive oil, saffron, and red and green bell peppers–but substitutes seafood, chicken, chorizo, and ham with SPAM®.

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Paella.

3 SPAM® Tacos Recipe

Want something other than chicken, pork, or beef in your tacos? Use SPAM®! Tacos are a versatile dish, meaning you can switch up the usual toppings–meat, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream–and adjust it to your liking.

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Tacos.

4 SPAM® Katsudon Recipe

Sure, you’ve tried fried SPAM® countless times. But have you ever tried coating it in flour before frying it to make crispy katsudon? For a filling meal, place your SPAM® Katsudon on top of a bed of steaming, fluffy rice. Don’t forget the katsudon sauce!

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Katsudon.

5 SPAM® Fried Rice Recipe

Want something tasty, filling, and easy to make? You can’t go wrong with SPAM® Fried Rice. Making this dish is so easy, even newbie cooks can handle it. Before you know it, you’ll be having this for almost every meal.

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Fried Rice.

6 SPAM® Shanghai Recipe

No Pinoy party is complete without lumpiang Shanghai. On your next potluck party, change things up by trading your usual ground pork blend for SPAM®, and add in string beans and cabbage for extra texture.

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Shanghai.

7 SPAM® Menudo Recipe

Menudo seems like one of those Filipino recipes you shouldn’t mess with, but using SPAM® instead of cubed pork is an easy way to add a twist to this dish. Doing so cuts your preparation time, too, making this a perfect dish for when you want something quick for lunch or dinner.

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Menudo.

8 SPAM® Musubi Recipe

Did you know that this handy meal perfect for a filling snack or light lunch is a Hawaiian delicacy? But you don't have to fly to this sunny island to try this SPAM® dish! Make it at home with sheets of seaweed, rice, thick slices of fried SPAM®, and some seasoning for that extra flavor.

Follow this recipe for SPAM® Musubi.

9 SPAM® a la Cubana

This is a dish you’d be sure to impress people with, but is actually super easy to make. All you have to do is saute diced SPAM®, potatoes, and carrots. Don’t forget the fried egg and bananas!

Follow this recipe for SPAM® a la Cubana.


You don’t have to wait for anyone’s birthday to whip up this twist on the classic pancit. SPAMCIT™ uses strips of Black Pepper SPAM® instead of pork or seafood, but you may swap with any SPAM® variant of your choice.

Follow this recipe for SPAMCIT™.

You’d be sure to impress with these SPAM® dishes, which also proves the versatility of this pantry staple. It’s good to always have SPAM® at home for those times you need to whip up a new dish to delight your guests!

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