This is The One Pot Every Kitchen Needs

Pressure cooking can be safe as well as fast and easy–if you know how to use it.

The pressure cooker was once a feared kitchen gadget. Thankfully, modern technology has addressed many of its more infamous safety concerns, so once you know how to use one, you’ll never use another pot again. It’s best feature? Cutting your cooking time IN HALF. It’s perfect for tenderizing tough beef chunks, too. Convinced? Here’s how to use a pressure cooker without fear:


1 Cook normally in the beginning.

Like any pot, you can sauté, sear, and even fry in the pressure cooker pot. So, go ahead and use it like you would any other pot: Sauté the ginisa triad, brown the beef cubes, and sear the potatoes and carrots before moving on to the next part: tenderizing.


2 Cook with water but not too little or too much.

Once your initial sear is done, time to tenderize. You will need to fill it with water. This ensures that it can create steam and generate the pressure needed to cook your tough beef faster. Add enough water to cover the meat or around 1/4 full, but don’t go beyond 1/2 full. 



3 Lock the lid.

Once the ingredients you want to pressure cook and water has been added to the pot, lock the lid. Most modern pressure cookers have a safety feature that indicates when the lid is locked in place. When unsure, consult your manual so you know what to do to lock it in place.


4 Start high, then go low.

Time to pressurize. To do this, crank up the heat to high and allow the water you added to come to a boil. Once it has come to boil, you’ll want to lower the heat to a simmer. A simmer is enough to maintain the pressure inside the pot.



5 Time it.

Once the pot has been pressurized, start timing. Usually 30 minutes is enough to tenderize 1 kilo of meat. Add an extra 15 minutes per kilo beyond the first. This the best thing about pressure cooking: cutting the time to tenderize in half! No more waiting hours for fork-tender beef again.


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6 Before opening, release the steam!

Always remember to release the pressure before trying to unlock the lid. There should be release value on the lid which should be opened to allow the pressured air out of the pot. After the pressure has been released, unlocking the lid should be easy and require as much effort as it did to lock it. Modern features won’t allow a pressurized pot to release the lid, so if you find it difficult to open the lid, don’t force it. It’s an indication that more pressure must be released before you can open the lid.


7 Check for tenderness.

A fork should easily pierce a beef cube. If not, lock on the lid and pressure cook again for an additional 15-30 minutes, depending on how tough the meat still is.



8 Finish cooking.

Once your meat is tender, finish the dish. Add the vegetables and simmer in the liquid until cooked through. Reduce the liquid if needed over medium-high heat to create a more flavorful sauce or broth, and serve once ready.




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