Tip of the Week: How to Store Knives and Keep Them Sharp

Make your knives become more safe and efficient tools.



Knives are definitely one of the most indispensable tools in the kitchen. Keeping them sharp means being able to do safer and more efficient kitchen work.


To maintain their sharpness, store them properly on a wall-mounted magnetic strip or in a knife roll bag that has specific compartments for each knife. Also, make sure to use chopping boards that are made from wood, bamboo, or soft plastic. Extremely hard surfaces such as glass cutting boards, ceramic lates, and granite counters will easily dull knives. Regularly use a sharpening steel to align the edge of a knife and keep it sharp. For knives that have dulled over time, use a sharpening stone to restore their edge or bring them to a professional for sharpening.


Lastly, make sure to use your knives appropriately. Never use them for opening cans, unscrewing rivets, and opening packages.


Original text by Rachelle Santos (appeared in the January-February 2013 issue of Yummy magazine)

Photography by Miguel Nacianceno

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