Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's New Cheesy Pastry Is Filled With Luscious, Milky Cream!

If you're a fan of the milk pies, you should try this!

IMAGE Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Japan official website)

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory opened its first-ever restaurant at Ayala Malls Manila Bay last year then opened a second branch at Capitol Commons. If you're a big fan of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's milk pies, you should give their new Cheese Puffs a try. And yes, it's available for delivery!

Photo by Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory official Facebook

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's new sweet-salty Cheese Puff is a Japanese soft choux pastry with a crisp Parmesan crust, filled with their signature Hokkaido cream. This pastry has the same Hokkaido cream that's used for their milk pies, so it's somewhat a cheesier, less flakier version of the milk pie.

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The Cheese Puffs are sold for P500/box of 7 pieces, starting May 8, 2020 (Friday). You can place your order by messaging Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory through Facebook or Whatsapp: (0927) 613-6370 before 4 p.m (daily cut-off). 

For more information, follow Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory on Facebook.

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