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No Stove? This Couple Made Homemade Salmon Sinigang Using A Rice Cooker!

It's time to discover the potential of your rice cooker and toaster.

The Fascinating Story Behind Kikkoman's Famous Soy Sauce Bottle

It took three years and over 100 prototypes to make the final design.

This Multifunctional Kitchen Appliance Is A Microwave Oven And Air Fryer!

This 4-in-1 kitchen appliance is also a grill and a convection oven!

You Need To Try This Bicol Express-Stuffed Chicken Longganisa

Best paired with lots of rice, sunny side up egg, and spicy vinegar.

Auntie Anne's Has Buy-One-Get-One Deals For Frontliners This Month

A special treat for those who work hard for our country every day.
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