#DiskarteNaMayArte: 8 Ways To Be Creative With Your Chicken Baon

Turn your default fried chicken into a treat with a dash of imagination and lots of diskarte.


Tired of the usual fried chicken fare and rainy day tinola? Whip up a better baon that will excite you (yes, even you!), and make your family forget about takeout. Here's a list of common Pinoy chicken meals turned into baon extraordinaire! No culinary degree or big budget required. Just pure #DiskarteNaMayArte.


1. Chicken Adobo to Chicken Adobo Pita Pockets

Adobo is great, but it can get boring if you serve it the same way every single time. Give last night's adobo a creative twist by shredding or slicing the chicken (make sure to use Bounty Fresh Young & Tender to make sure meat is easy enough to shred or slice), then stuff the adobo slices or flakes with a lettuce leaf into a pita bread. Drizzle with a little garlic mayo, and voila! It's adobo like never before!



2. Fried Chicken Nuggets to Chicken Nugget Casserole

Try this and you won't serve fried nuggets ever again! Just place the chicken nuggets in a pan, toss in some sweet corn kernels, top with quick melt cheese, and pop into the oven for a quick broil until the cheese drips. It's the perfect comfort food for cheese lovers.


3. … or Torikatsu Bento Meal

Don't make your kid's classmates think you just packed any other happy meal. Do a bento-baon instead! Use those lunch containers with dividers (or those silicone cupcake holders). Put seedless grapes and apple chunks in one section, crackers in another, peanut butter dip in another, steamed rice in another, and fried Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu with Cheese and Chives on another. It's a child's gourmet in boxes.



4. Fried Torikatsu to Cheesy Italian Torikatsu

Add more flavors and texture to your fried Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu with Italian Tomato by sauteeing it on butter with button mushrooms and grated mozzarella. Cook until the cheese melts and begins to brown. The aroma alone is enough to get your family eating lunch earlier



5. Chicken Afritada to Chicken Stew with Almonds

Add a nutty twist to your Afritada by cooking Bounty Fresh Pollo Primero in thick tomato-coconut cream stew, and throwing in chickpeas and peas as the sauce simmers. Scoop into the lunch box and top with slivered almonds for a professional touch! Anyone who'll see the meal will think it's done by a true-blue chef.



 6. Fried Chicken Wings to Sticky Chicken Wings

There's more to do with chicken wings than tinola or straight fry. Why not dunk those fried pieces (use one pack of Bounty Fresh Chicken Wings) into some honey and season with salt, pepper, and ground cinnamon? It's an instant sweet-style buffalo wings a la #DiskarteNaMayArte!



7. Fried Nugget Shapes to Nuggets and Fruits with Dips

Bounty Fresh Chicken Disney Nuggets in funky shapes (it comes in hearts, bows, stars, cars, Mickey's head, and more) are sure mealtime hits, and they're creative as is. Kids will definitely snack on these even when served fried and plain. But here's how to level it up: Add healthier snackables on the side like apples and singakamas slices with yogurt or peanut butter as dips. For older kids, serve honey mustard, barbecue sauce, or pure mayo.



8. Last Night's Takeout to D-I-Y Roasted Chicken

Did you know that Bounty Fresh sells Premium Chicken? Cook your very own rotisserie-style dish by marinading this whole chicken goodness overnight. Next day, place on a roasting pan, and let it go cook until golden brown. Sides of crispy potatoes make for a delightful treat. Baon fit for a birthday feast doesn’t get any easier and fresher than that! Plus, any leftover will make for a fantastic chicken sandwich the following day. Now that’s #DiskarteNaMayArte!



Find more delicious meal upgrades on bountyfreshchicken.com, and follow them on facebook.com/bountyfreshchicken and @bountyfreshph on Twitter and Instagram.

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