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Whether you'e there to have lunch or do a bit of fresh-produce shopping, weekend markets have become more and more popular over the past years because of its laid-back atmosphere and various food finds.


Since 2005, the Salcedo Community Market has been a constant Saturday destination for folks of all ages. Located in the heart of Salcedo Village, Jaime Velasquez Parkâs parking lot transforms into a wide stretch of white tents housing mostly gourmet goodies, organic fruits and vegetables, and different snacking options. The multitude of choices may leave you overwhelmed, so we're here to make your weekend trip a lot easier by providing a comprehensive guide of some of Salcedo Community Market's best food finds. You'll thank us later!



Ginger Ale

Brewed in small batches, Stanford Shaw's old-fashioned ginger ale (P200/600ml, P100/cup) is one of the few drinks selections at the weekend market thatâs worth your attention. The fizzy and spicy ginger drink is best consumed chilled on a warm, sunny day. Buy a small bottle or two and enjoy it while eating your choice of chow at the nearby park.





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Japanese Pancakes

Although it's not the type of pancake most of us are accustomed to having, these Japanese pancakes (from a stall that simply calls itself Japanese Pancake) are the closest thing. It's sweet, fluffy, and light like your average flapjack but this all-day snack is shaped like two round buns stacked atop each other. Apart from that, it comes in eight different flavors: cheese, cream cheese, hazelnut choco, strawberry, peanut butter, choco chips, white choco chips, and kesong puti, and sold at only P20 each.






If you're still looking for some Japanese grub minus the sugar, Hachibi's takoyaki (P50/four pieces) is an obvious choice. Made with octopus and a combination of vegetables like cabbage, scallion, and carrots, this ball-shaped snack is your go-to if you donât want anything too heavy. Also adding to the whole street-food experience is watching the servers create these little balls of goodness right before your eyes.





Blink and you might miss this Middle Eastern dessert. The baklava stand must be one of the most unassuming stalls at the Salcedo Community Market. Without any elaborate signs, only a transparent container filled with these golden pastries are present at its table. Cooked with thin layers of phyllo, the baklava (P200/100 grams) is simply made of chopped nuts that is then sweetened with honey.




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May 30, 2016



Greek Yogurt

For those who've ever wondered where to buy Greek yogurt (besides the expensive imported brands at supermarkets), don't worry because Rizal Dairy Farm is at the Salcedo Community Market. Unlike ordinary yogurt, Greek yogurt is thicker, tangier, creamier, and a pain to look for in the Metro. Thanks to local dairy farms like them, this healthy probiotic snack sold at only P140 per 350 grams is so much more accessible now!





Dim sum

Craving Chinese food? This little push cart by Cheryl's Cuisine, literally sitting in the middle of the weekend market, serves an assortment of classic Cantonese fare including pork siomai, sharksfin dumplings, oyster omelette, xiao long bao, and even fried pigeon. You won't mind the long queue once you get your hands on their scrumptious and flavor-packed dim sum. Prices start at P90 per order.







Paella is a staple at the Salcedo Community Market (or any food bazaar for that matter). In fact, youâll find two or three stalls offering this hearty orange (sometimes black) rice dish offered at P280 per serving. Paella Margarita has two types: Paella Negra, which is cooked in squid ink and seafood, and Paella Valenciana, with prawns, clams, vegetables, and Spanish chorizo.


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Photos by Erika Dizon

Salcedo Community Market is at the Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Saturday)



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