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Though Indian in origin, curry powder has become a beloved ingredient the world over. Here are 10 new ways to use it.

                                           Yummy.ph | Recipe | Mango Shrimp Curry           In this Mango Shrimp Curry, the mango's sweetness complements the curry's heat perfectly.
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1  Make curried chicken chops
A Taiwanese street food specialty, chicken chops are twice-fried chicken pieces dusted with seasonings and spices before being enjoyed. Make them at home and sprinkle them with curry powder fresh out of the fryer!

2  Mix with mayo
Mixing curry powder with other standby ingredients is a great way to put a new twist on old flavors. Stir in a teaspoon or two into mayonnaise and use it to make sandwiches, wraps, or even burgers more interesting. (See sandwich recipes, here)

3  Make a curry with just about anything
The word curry actually originates from a Tamil word that means sauce, but these days, it's a popular dish all over the world, with different versions in many countries. Whether or not you're concerned with authenticity, you can make anything into a curry. In Jamaica, curried fish dishes are popular. In India, Aloo Gobi is a potato and cauliflower curry dish that is usually served with flatbreads like roti or Paratha. Curries are versatile enough to adjust to different ingredients, from pumpkin and eggplant to lamb and shrimp. (Related recipes: Lamb Curry, Chicken Curry with Eggplant, Thai Fish Curry)

4  Go Japanese
Katsudon, or rice topped with deep-fried pork cutlets, is the ultimate comfort food. But add curry sauce and the dish gets exponentially better! Katsucurry consists of the same ol' lovable katsudon, but the pork chops and rice are doused (yes, doused and not simply drizzled) in curry. It's a hearty savory dish that's perfect for rainy days. (Related recipes: Tori Katsu-curry, Tonkatsudon, pork chop recipes )

5  Shrimp Mango Curry
When cooking with herbs and spices, take into account how well the flavors play with each other. This Shrimp Mango Curry recipe from Yummy.ph is a good example of different ingredients combining to make a dish that is greater than the sum of its parts. Shrimp and mango nectar both add sweetness; curry powder, ginger, and garlic add spice; and coconut milk tames the heat and rounds out the flavors. It's all about balance. See recipe, here:

6  Use it in vegetable soups
A little bit of curry powder does wonders to a pot of vegetable soup. Whether it's zucchini, carrot, or squash, adding curry powder makes it more delicious. Just throw it in when you're sauteing the aromatics-toasting the curry powder makes its flavors stand out and become more prominent. Another tip: For pureed soups, adding a cubed Granny Smith or Fuji apple to the mix along with the curry powder is a simple way to elevate the flavors even more. It makes the overall dish healthier, too. (Related recipes: Thai Chicken Curry Soup, Pumpkin Curry Soup)

7  Curry in a hurry
Craving for the flavors of curry with no time to cook? You can simply sprinkle some curry powder on roasted nuts, store-bought trail mix, Homemade Potato Chips, or even buttered popcorn. To avoid going overboard, remember to season to taste! These bite-sized treats also make great appetizers for get-togethers or Asian-themed dinner parties. (Related recipes: Homemade Potato ChipsSquash-Coconut Soup, Thai Chicken Curry Soup, Savory Herbed Popcorn)

8  Stir-fry surprise
Add a dash of curry powder to stir-fries and sautés. To make it a more substantial meal or a one-pot dish, toss in cooked noodles during the last leg of cooking.  (Related recipes: Red Curry Prawn and Mushroom Stir-fry, Fish Ball Curry, Coconut Prawns in Buko Pandan Curry Sauce, Yellow Shrimp Curry)

9  Dressings or dips
One of the very best things about curry powder is that it can punch up the flavors of any dish. We find that it's wonderful used as a salad dressing or even as a dip. It's an easy way to introduce flavor and take something from humdrum to yum yum without substantially increasing the calorie count. (Related recipe: Brown Rice and Apple Salad)

10  Currywurst
Did you know that curry is not an exclusively Asian ingredient? In Germany, they mix it with ketchup and serve it on fries and sausage. The spicy-savory combination works! Try your hand at making currywurst, a German fast food favorite that consists of sausage slices smeared with curry ketchup. Since it's usually served out of food trucks or street stands, place it on paper plates and serve with toothpicks for easy eating. (Related recipes: Sausage and Baby Potatoes Salad, Potato Sausage Salad, Loaded Gravy Fries )

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