10 Most Searched Filipino Dishes

Which Pinoy dishes are most popular? We give you a rundown of what Yummy.ph readers want to have on their plates.

Whether one is prepping for family meals or searching for a new party recipe to try, many turn to local cuisine for hearty, comforting dishes. Which Pinoy dishes are readers searching for? We list down the most searched Pinoy dishes on Yummy.ph (based on Google Analytics, January 1-September 6, 2014):



1. Adobo

It comes as no surprise that Yummy.ph readers are searching for adobo. A dish of braised pork or chicken in vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic, adobo is almost always cooked in any Pinoy home and has spawned a multitude of variations. It’s sweet, salty, and sour all at the same time and has even inspired a book listing 150 ways to cook adobo.


2. Leche Flan

The Pinoy-style flan, or caramel custard, is made from beaten egg yolks, milk, and sugar. When steamed just right, it can be the creamiest, melt-in-your-mouth flan you’ll ever have. Yum!


3. Paella

Paella has become a Pinoy fave, too, with its medley of saffron (or rosemary)-seasoned rice and vegetables.


4. Maja Blanca

Not just served during fiestas, this dessert with delicate flavors is made from coconut milk and cornstarch (or gulaman), and often topped with latik.


5. Empanada

This stuffed pastry—with ground beef, chicken or pork with vegetables—is baked or fried. Like most Filipino recipes, the Pinoy empanada has several variations including the popular  Ilocos empanada, made with longganisa and unripe papaya.


6. Kare-Kare

This comforting stew with oxtail, beef, or tripe, and veggies and flavored with ground peanuts or peanut butter is not complete with a side dish of shrimp paste.


7. Menudo

Pork menudo is almost always a mainstay at Pinoy gatherings—whether they’re fiestas or a family meal. And rightly so: this dish puts together pork chunks and garbanzos (some add hotdog and even raisins) in a tasty, thick tomato-based sauce.


8. Lumpia

Lumpiang Shanghai or Filipino spring rolls are often served as an appetizer or as the main dish. Ground meat, minced onions, and chopped carrots are seasoned perfectly, rolled up in lumpia wrapper and then deep-fried. Best eaten with a sweet chili sauce!


9. Sisig

While mainly viewed as pulutan or bar chow, the sisig (whether pork, chicken, or tuna sisig) can also be a viand. And why not? This dish of minced meat (chopped pig parts), chili, liver, onions, and seasoned with calamansi  is a plate of porky goodness and has even been recognized by a New York Times review.



10. Lechon Kawali

This pan-roasted pork dish with crackling, salty skin and juicy pork meat is an easy Pinoy favorite. Don’t forget to serve with store-bought gravy or lechon sauce!


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