10 Pinoy Dishes You Need to Learn This Year

Make this the year you master these well-loved Filipino recipes.


Love Filipino dishes? We have 10 recipes worth trying out:



1. Lumpia


A staple at Pinoy parties, these rolls are incredibly easy to make.




2. Adobo sa Buko


This version uses coconut water and pandan leaves.




3. Asado


Tender pork slices make this dish the star of the table.




4. La Paz-style Batchoy


You don’t need to wait for nippy weather to enjoy this bowl.




5. Chicken Barbecue


This dish can be enjoyed with lots of rice or even as salad toppings!




6. Bicol Express


Don’t forget to load up on rice: the fiery flavors in this chili-and-pork dish are strong!




7. Bulalo Steak


An alternative to the usual soup-and-beef shank dish: try using kaldereta sauce.




8. Callos

Love this dish usually served at parties? Slow-cooking makes all the flavors meld together.




9. Bagnet


Sinful but oh so delicious, plus you only need 5 ingredients!




10. Boneless Crispy Pata


The crisp skin and soft meat deserves a second serving!

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